New "What's In My Bag?" Episode With White Fence

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White Fence

Tim Presley (no relation to Elvis Presley) first hit the music scene as "Timmy Stardust," playing guitar for American hardcore band The Nerve Agents. Known for their chaotic and sometimes violent live performances, The Nerve Agents were a spectacle to behold. After four productive years together, the Agents disbanded. Subsequently, Tim Presley and Nerve Agents drummer Andy Granelli founded the psychedelic rock band Darker My Love. Several years into Darker My Love, Presley started recording songs in his White Fenceapartment using lo-fi audio gear to capture ideas that would eventually be released under the White Fence moniker. Presley has since managed to compile an impressive solo catalog including Hair (Drag City), the 2012 collaboration with the golden child of garage pop, Ty Segall. After years of recording his music on a 4-track home recorder, Presley made the jump to an actual studio housed in Ty Segall's garage. Despite utilizing a more modern setup, the White Fence aesthetic remains intact. His latest offering, For The Recently Found Innocent (Drag City, 2014), is packed with gems and the White Fence pop style of songwriting is stronger than ever. Presely has a knack for crafting catchy songs that become the soundtrack to people's lives, and from what we've seen so far he has a lot more to share. Tim Presely has definitely become a mainstay in the Los Angeles psychedelic garage rock scene. 

Presley recently visited Amoeba Hollywood and sat down with our crew to share his very eclectic and personal picks, including a few you might not expect to see. Presley kicks things off with Kim Fowley's Bad News From The Underground, following it up with Shabazz Palaces' sophomore effort, Lese Majesty (Sub Pop). Kudos to Sub Pop for signing leftfield hip hop acts that push the rap envelope! (Check out fellow Sub Pop rapper Spoek Mathambo for more leftfield-ness.) Presley also picks up a West Coast gangsta rap classic by Compton's Most WantedMusic To Driveby (Sony). Parental Advisory on that one for sure! He also selects an awesome Soul Jazz compilation called Punk 45 featuring various proto-punk groups from 1969-1977. Tim has so many great picks, from nearly every corner of the store!

Watch the full What's In My Bag? episode below to see what else he finds: 

White Fence - What's In My Bag?
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Check out the video for "Like That" from White Fence's latest album, For the Recently Found Innocent:


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