Weekly Roundup: Zola Jesus, Tulips, Ruiins, Whirr, together PANGEA, Terry Malts, White Arrows, Babes

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Zola Jesus – “Dangerous Days” video

For the video to “Dangerous Days,” from her upcoming album Taiga (out Oct. 7, preorder here), Zola Jesus and director Tim Saccenti take us into the literal landscapes that Zola Jesus’ music often evokes, from chilly arctic lakes to lush forests. It’s a gorgeous video that suits such an inspiring pop song. (Judging by the credits on YouTube, it looks like it was at least partially filmed in Washington’s Olympic National Park; guess we’ll have to book our tickets to go there ASAP.)


Tulips – “Hotspur” & “Wait”

Tulips are a self-described riotgaze trio from L.A. that trade off powerful female vocals over effected surf riffs and new wave beats, like if Lush were reborn as L.A. punks with a shit ton of attitude, or if Bikini Kill got hip to tremolo and reverb. They’ve got a two-song cassingle (!) out now, can you can hear both songs here. Look for it in the Amoeba cassingle section!  See 'em tonight at Pehrspace with Roses for their cassingle release party.

tulips cassingle


Ruiins – “Disappear”

Ruiins is the project from L.A.’s Dan Reyes, who writes lust-fueled goth-punk ditties inspired by The Cramps, PJ Harvey and crushing on the wrong dudes. Hear the destructive and desperate “Disappear” from the TRAB PU KCIP cassette. Look for it in Amoeba’s cassette section!


Whirr – “Lines”

I feel like most shoegaze types are sensitive souls that best express themselves through walls of guitar noise. Whirr is not like that. Sure, they coax punishing waves of disintegrating guitar beauty out of their amps, but they’re also hilarious and make a point out of calling out their Internet trolls. Fucking finally. Why is every band not like this?

Anyway, all beside the point anyway. “Lines” is a really cool song. It’ll be on their upcoming album, Sway, which comes out Sept. 23 on Graveface.


together PANGEA – “Badillac” video

Even without band-on-band making out, the video for the title track to together PANGEA’s Badillac is great, an alcohol-and-Sriracha-fueled dream where suddenly you’re in whatever shitty movie is playing while you’re passed out. Now, can we get a full-length video of “Swervin’”?


Terry Malts – “Don’t”

S.F.’s Terry Malts are always great for scratching that pop-punk itch. C’mon, a lot of us grew up listening to this stuff. Except Terry Malts are a lot better than a lot of that crap. “Don’t” sounds like the warm, fuzzy memory of pop-punk without the gross emo aftertaste. Just three minutes of pure fuzz with sweet melody sprinkled in to carry those head-crushing power chords home. It’s from the upcoming Insides EP, coming out Sept. 23 on Slumberland.


White Arrows – “Nobody Cares”

L.A.’s White Arrows sound totally chilled out on this single from their upcoming album In Bardo (out Sept. 16 on Votiv). It’s a vibe that befits their globetrotting, electro-friendly psych pop. But, gotta say, I love it when those drums pick up about two-thirds of the way in amid Nintendo noises, pitch-shifted vocals and all sorts of other crazy noise; the song moves from being pleasant and enjoyable to unique and hard to shake. Very curious as to what this new album will sound like!


Babes – “ATMO (Always Turning Me On)” video

L.A.’s Babes have a real funny way about them. On one hand, they make pretty, winsome indie pop with sweet, lovelorn melodies. On the other, they make ridiculously silly videos and have a lot of fun with their sex appeal. They’re kind of like Tennis with a hidden hard-on. Their latest video for "ATMO" (from the Babes EP) explores the less-than-sexy side of the phone sex industry with sap saps calling to speak with a bored but bemused worker (played by singer Lourdes Hernandez aka Russian Red) who sits in a corporate office casually playing out guys’ fantasies. It’s all a bit of fun until it goes all Lynchian. Oh yeah, obvious a tad NSFW but not really.

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