Album Picks: Electric Wurms, Music Go Music, Beach Day

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Electric Wurms - Musik Die Schwer Zu Twerk (LP, CD)

For some bands, the weight of an estimable catalog can sometimes feel like a burden, and working with the same collaborators for years on end can be stifling. So artists turn to new projects for those ideas that don’t fit into the ideals of their main gig, or just to take a break. Like Thom Yorke indulging his dubstep fetish with Atoms for Peace, Electric Wurms sees psych-pop arena-fillers The Flaming Lips (that is, the band’s singer/songwriter, Wayne Coyne, and multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd) have stepped away from the Lips for this collaborative EP (along with the modern prog band Linear Downfall) of acid-trip jams. It’s not much of a departure from the Lips sound, but there’s a freewheeling feel to this mini-album that’s been missing of late from the Lips’ increasingly difficult albums. Unexpected sounds gurgle out of every pore of songs like their cover of Yes’ “Heart of the Sunrise,” yet create a kind of cosmic, atmospheric beauty. Rock-based psychedelia that grounds songs like the insane “Transform!!!” and keep them (or you) from becoming completely unmoored. Musik Die Schwer Zu Twerk may scream “for fans only” on paper, but, as always with these guys, something that at first seems like a one-off ends up feeling well-considered and rewards repeat listens, given Coyne’s whimsical production and the obvious chemistry (in more ways than one!) that these guys generate. Really cool little release from Wayne Coyne and his Heady Fwends.


Music Go Music Impressions (LP, CD)

Maybe you don’t like pop music much. Maybe ABBA doesn’t do it for you. Boring! Listen to Music Go Music’s terrific Impressions and reevaluate your life choices. They can play it sultry and cool like a million other indie rock bands on the verses, but those choruses pack the kind of hooky abandon you just don’t hear often these days. Check out “Inferno” for a taste.


Beach Day Native Echoes (LP, CD)

The name pretty much says it all. Hollywood, Fla.’s Beach Day came together with the common goal of just being a fun band, and that’s what they are. With songs like “All My Friends Were Punks,” the band stashes girl group harmonies, fuzzed out guitars and light romantic longing into their picnic basket and hit the sand and don’t look back. “I don’t wanna be BFF’s” Kimmy Drake sings in her best millennial sad girl voice, and dammit you just want those girls to make up already! If you liked that last Best Coast EP or recent releases by La Sera and Beverly, this should be right up your alley. Now let’s all go outside and enjoy the last bits of summer, it ain’t over yet.

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