5 Under-the-Radar Albums to Check Out in August

Posted by Billy Gil, August 4, 2014 05:53pm | Post a Comment

We’ve told you about the heavy hitters to check out in late summer, but there are always exciting releases bubbling just beneath the surface that are worth your attention as well. Here are five to look out for:

Twin PeaksWild Onion

Out Aug. 5

Not that “Twin Peaks.” This one’s a kickass power-pop band from Chicago whose sophomore LP is full of smart, lean songs with a lot of heart. One taste of a song like the two-minute “Flavor” and you might be hooked for life.


David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights - End Times Undone

Out Aug. 5

Dave Kilgour is the frontman for New Zealand legends The Clean captures the easy, jangly charm of that band on this new album with his other band, The Heavy Eights. Listen to “Comin’ On” for some of that classic NZ sound—ahhh. Speaking of The Clean, their four-LP Anthology was also just released last month. You’re only excused from not having it yet if you’re adamant about not liking awesome music.


Mirel WagnerWhen The Cellar Children See The Light Of Day

Out Aug. 12

Finnish folk singer Mirel Wagner’s stark yet soulful first album earned her comparisons to PJ Harvey and Nick Cave upon its release back in 2011. Those comparisons would seem warranted, judging by her harrowing, entrancing follow-up. Roll around in “The Dirt” and get acquainted, perhaps with a little whiskey on the rocks:


MerchandiseAfter the End

Out Aug. 25

OK, so I mentioned this one last time around too, but I can’t stop listening to “Little Killer.” This Cure-meets-Pulp jammer is just a perfect pop song. This song “Enemy” is really good, too.


Avi BuffaloAt Best Cuckold

Out Aug. 25

Avi Buffalo’s self-titled debut was a real grower of a record, full of brilliant pop songs wrapped in absurdist veneer. The first we’ve heard of this new record, “So What,” is cleaner and more direct than previous offerings but with the same endearing strangeness that made them so appealing before.


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