The Music Of Prince and Michael Jackson Continues To Draw New Generations Of Fans, Dave Paul Confirms

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                                                            Prince "Anotherloverholenyohead" (1986)

Prince Current Top Five Favorites:

  "17 Days"
  "When You Were Mine"

Michael Jackson Current Top Five Favorites:

  "Leave Me Alone"
     "Will You Be There"
   "Rock With You

The above are the top three personal favorite Prince and top three favorite Michael Jackson songs from the current playlist of longtime Bay Area DJ Dave Paul's non-stop/traveling Prince & Michael Experience party. The busy interstate commuting DJ, who brings his ever popular homage to the King of Pop and the Purple Prince to some different US city most weekend nights (last night he was at the Howard Theater in Washington DC, tonight he's at DROM in New York City) messaged me these  picks between flights over the past 24 hours. Yesterday morning back in the Bay Area he had his  suitcase packed and his alarm set for 4am for what has become a typical hectic weekend schedule for the music renaissance man who started out as a DJ thirty years ago spinning records by, amongst other artists, his two favorite artists: Prince and Michael Jackson.

Starting out as a party DJ led Dave Paul on a decades long illustrious journey through the music industry from radio broadcasting into publishing, and then into concert promotions, and running a record label (BOMB Hip-Hop), and a few other ventures along the way before getting back to where he started doing (albeit on a grander scale): DJing parties. While he does several different themed parties it is the Prince/MJ one that is his most popular.  He started it eleven years ago in San Francisco as a local event only but it quickly grew in popularity and expanded to other cities. Seeing this demand for Paul's Prince/MJ themed event, other DJs/promoters round the country took notice and latched onto the concept / theme of paying tribute to who Dave Paul sees as "two of the greatest artists of our time" and who together "helped define the early-'80s era of MTV, revolutionized both R&B and popular music, and influenced thousands of musicians worldwide." 

It is because of their broad influence on popular music over the past few decades that these  Prince and Michael Jackson parties have such a wide appeal to varying demographics with more and more new fans coming into the fold, reports Dave Paul. He figures that the breakdown of his Prince/MJ parties as such: "The typical party is 15% diehard Prince fans, 15% diehard MJ fans, 30% casual fans, 10% dancers, 10% hipsters, 10% drinkers, and 10% party people."  Dave Paul, who regularly spins full five hour sets at his parties, says that in addition to spinning all the well-known (and requested) Prince and Michael Jackson hit records that he plays personal favorites (like the top three lists above) and a lot of remixes of the two artists' work, plus a wide variety of "ancillary acts" (eg Vanity 6 or Janet Jackson).

There is never a shortage of material to play. The challenge is knowing when to play what, something Dave Paul has learned from 30 years of DJing parties. "You are basically the curator of the night and, as the one presenting the party, it's your goal to put as many people in their happy place as possible," he said last night via message before heading over to the Washington DC venue for sound check, adding that "Every city is different in terms of the make up of the audience and the vibe for the night" so that he never knows until he is in the moment as to what will work, where. To date Paul figures he has taken his Prince/MJ party to thirty different cities across the US - and that this number keeps growing. For tonight's (August 9th) party at DROM in Manhattan he will be joined by DJ Marco from Philadelphia. The Prince & Michael Experience, Saturday August 9th, 11:00pm at DROM located at 85 Ave A, New York, New York 10009. 21+  $20. More info. 

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