BPos' Goodword On "Positive Beings" - The Concept Album From His San Francisco Hip-Hop Crew

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BPos "Higher" from Positive Beings (One League Entertainment, 2014)

Bay Area hip-hop crew BPos live up to their name of BPos [be positive] with their latest release Positive Beings which has been selling well at the two Bay Area Amoeba stores since its recent release. The new album, whose theme is all about choosing the positive path in life and working towards living life a positive human being -rather than a negative one. It is the expanding San Francisco based hip-hop's crew (now five members strong) fifth full-length release, featuring new member female rapper/vocalist Gyrl Ab'Strakt.

Their strongest to date it is once again released via their own indie label One League Entertainment.  Positive Beings is BPos' first ablum in two years and the first release since their critically acclaimed  Pos Tapes: The Album. In addition to its overriding theme of positivity that the album delivers the new release is also constructed like a radio broadcast from a fictional station with mic breaks (drops) throughout from longtime Bay Area hip-hop DJs like Kevvy Kev and this Amoeblogger. The group say that anyone who even casually listens to their new album, which since its recent release has also been garnering airplay across the country, will hear its message loud and clear- that "We are all positive beings." This week I caught up with the BPos' Goodword to have him give the Amoeblog some more insights into his group's latest release that includes a hidden track featuring none other than Masta Ace and others.

BPos "Live Ya Life"

Amoeblog: Its been two years since the last BPos release. How long did it take to make this album and how was the process?

Goodword: We actually started making this album over two years ago. We just weren't sure exactly what we were doing. We were just trying to stay creative and just continued to make new songs while we were finalizing our last album, Pos Tapes: The Album.  Some of these songs are [actually] older then that though. We had a couple in the vault that were hella rough but once we we revisited them and fine-tuned them, they were right up to date. Over the two years between releases we actually made way too many songs so it was really hard to narrow it down. We were really fond of a lot of the songs that got cut. But we came up with a criteria for choosing what tracks made the album. Basically songs that had any type of negative message in them didn't make it. However there are a couple songs on here that might sound a little condescending toward certain people. But those songs made it because they were too good. And they were condescending toward negative individuals. And we all know, two negatives equal a positive, right?

Amoeblog: What is the one thing you would hope listeners take from listening to the new album?

The idea is that people will dance and enjoy themselves the same way they would while listening to any type of rap music, but with this one, they might come across some new information they can take with them without realizing it. And they are gonna feel this positive vibration.

Amoeblog: Production wise how is this new album different from previous BPos productions?

Goodword: We just keep getting better in the studio. We are more efficient. So we use our time to the fullest. We're up to our same old tricks of showing respect to a lot of our influences by referencing them through samples. I'm mostly proud of how we did it this time around tho. Production wise, this is our best work yet without a doubt.

How much of a difference to the overall BPos vibe has the addition of new member Gyrl Ab'Strakt added?

Goodword: Sheba aka Gyrl Ab'Strakt definitely brought a whole new realm of creativity. Kinda opened a new avenue for us. It's working out really well because lyrically we really need the female perspective for the topics we touch on. She plays her role in the group really well. Hopefully we can expand on that in future projects.

Amoeblog:5) You have been doing this music thing during a time when the business has changed radically - do you think it is easier or more difficult to get heard and to make money as an artist today vs when you started out?

Goodword: I can't really tell. It's always been really hard, for me and for BPos. I feel like we have been working so hard for so long with minimal progress within the industry. Let me answer that question once we blow up. [laughs]

Amoeblog: Do you want to comment on that great bonus/hidden album track and how it came about?

The hidden track features Wordsworth, Masta Ace, and Monk McNizzle. Basically we did a couple shows with Words and Ace and invited them to the studio. We wrote this track hella quick to this Brycon beat. It was dope, but it didn't really sync with the rest of the album. We really wanted it on there. So we tucked it away at the end there after a classic JV mix. The third feature on there, Monk, is my dude I met through my old school homie Conceit. It was long overdue!

Amoeblog: Anything to add on BPos?

Goodword: One thing everyone should remember is that we are all positive beings!  Know what I mean Vern?

    BPos "Positive Beings (Power I Feel)" (2014)

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