New Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 8/15 - Tambien, Head High, Four Tet and more!

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Tambien - Der Elf


Der Elf 12"

ESP Institute

Tambien's two EPs for ESP Institute are adorned with totally generic art portraying themselves as a ""polite trio from Bavaria." Their music, on the other hand, is unruly and odd. The a here is an acid jam with wild female vocals of unknown origin, while the B, "Are You In Touch", veers closer to the highly musical yacht house you'd expect from Andrew Hogge's label. Cool!

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Panthera Krause - LaikaPanthera Kruse

Laika 12"


Super melodic, slightly off-kilter house EP from Panthera Krause. The weirder the better with this guy. Things start to heat up with "If", which has an odd swing over a big, funk influenced breakbeat. Some euphoric chords bring it home. "Dubcek" also contains a slightly psychedelic edge, but fits more neatly alongside other modern house. It sounds like PK is trying to score a car chase.

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Marcel Dettmann - Planetary Assault Systems Remixes

Marcel Dettman

Planetary Assault Systems Remixes 12"


Killer techno versions from Luke Slater. The one to me is the PAS Deep Release remix of "Rush". Which uses watery hi-hats and a pulsing hypnotic organ riff. The two mixes of "Apron" are a little bit more acrobatic, with the PAS The Rhythm remix using a cool arpeggio and nimble, dubby percussive effects. Pretty much exactly what you want out of a techno record in 2014.

Planetary Assault Systems Remixes 12"






Portland (Tuff City Kids Remix) 12"


"Portland" experienced a revival through Villalobos airing it out and the track was reissued with a remix by the Argentinian Don earlier this year. On this one, Lauer and Gerd Janson imbue the track with the pleasing breakbeat house sound they've been exploring. The "Looney Mix" is slightly more indebted to classic rave sounds, with a dark elastic bass line, reverbed out toms and stabby, ecstatic chords. The B-side chops up a vocal over a subtle acid line, nice stuff.

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Rhythm Odyssey and Dr. Dunks - Broken DrumsThe Rhythm Odyssey and Dr. Dunks

Broken Drums 12"

Golf Channel

Late night house gear with the mid-tempo swing you'd expect from a project featuring Eric Duncan. "Broken Drums" builds tension with some jammy interplay between the synth lead and bassline. The B, "Super Chips, is infectious, with a hypnotic two note bassline and classy pad. It's a bit like an updated take on the early Goldsworthy/Murphy DFA remix formula.

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Four Tet - Beautiful Rewind Remixes

Four Tet

Beautiful Rewind Remixes 12"


Four Tet continues to mine the US underground with some beautiful remixes from Jay DanielSeven Davis, Jr., and Photomachine. Jay's up first, stretching album track "Aeriel" into a loose, sprawling Detroit house track. The percussion is rough and the chords are bittersweet. Seven turns in his deepest track to date, but inserts his Prince-indebted funkiness with a Linn-style snare and tight arpeggiated organ riff.

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Head High - Megatrap Head High

Megatrap 2x12"

Power House

Shed is back with his 90s indebted project. He says making club tracks is easy for him, and he does seem to execute his formula rather effortlessly. Big chords, a breakbeat and an obliterative kick to make the crowd go wild. Your initial attraction to the melodic theme of each track will determine your overall opinion, as he's wont to hammer it in until it's over. He hits moments of melodic bliss on all versions of the title track. Rave jams for a modern world.

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