Hip-Hop History Tuesdays: April 1996 Bay Area Hip-Hop Top 50 Chart and Hip-Hop News

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                                 BAY AREA HIP-HOP TOP 50  Week ending April 6, 1996

Recommended Bay Area Rap Compilation from mid nineties 1) Various Artists Cell Block Compilation (Cell Block/Priority)
2) Rappin' 4-Tay Aint No Playa (Rag Top/Chrysalis)
3) Conscious Daughters Gamers (Priority)
4) 2Pac All Eyez On Me (Death Row)
5) IMP Ill Mannered Playas (In-A-Minute)
6) Mac Mall Get Right (Relativity)
7) Peanut Butter Wolf Step On Our Egos (South Paw)
8) Too $hort Gettin' It  12"  (Jive)
9) N.O.A. forilla (120)
10) The Delinquents Smooth Getaway (Dank Or Die)

11) Suga T Paper Chasin' (Sick Wid It/Jive)
12) Twisted Mind Kids Twisted Mind State (8-song demo - No Exit)
13) Lateef The Wreckoning/Latyrx (Solesides)
14) MadFace Black Attracts Heat (Corn Field)
15) Lil Gangsta P meet the lil gangsta (Erin)
16)  V/A The Dangerous Crew (Dangerous/Jive)
17) Richie Rich Half Thang (41510/Shot)
18) Milkman feat Da Goonz Reminisce (Major Music)
19) Hobo Junction E.P. (South Paw)
20) Sacred Hoop demo tape (Miasmatic)

21)  Tha M.O.B.B. never trust them h*’s (Bounce)
22) Spice 1 "Ain't No Love" 12" (Jive)
23) Dr Octagon (feat Q-Bert)  Dr Octagonocologyst (Bulk)
24) Askari X Message To The Black Man (Slow Motion)
25)  Dream Nefra "Wanted" 7" single (Hatshepsut Music)
26)  V/A  All Haters Beware (CTI)
27) Moe-Man straight real (Straight Real)
28) V/A Kinfolks (Extortion)
29) Crack Emcee Ghettoblaster (10 song demo)
30) Primo Stickin To The Script (Black Power Records)

31) Master P Ice Cream Man (No Limit/Priority)
32) V/A Sick Wid It Records Compilation/The Hogg In Me (Sick Wid It/Jive)
*33) Ncognito Bay Area 4080 Nation Wide (promo-only tape) 
34) Junk Kiss My Acid Jazz (Faffco)
35) Game Related Soak Game (Big K)
36) Ironic De Vallejo (Conspiracy)
37) Funky Aztecs feat 2Pac Slipping Into Darkness (Conspiracy)
38) Totally Insane Back Street Life (In-A-Minute)
39) Mack Lew Music 4 Da Late Nite (Snake Pit)
40) Gee-Que Catch Me In The Wind (Half Ounz)  

 *41) Sh'Killa Gangstrez From da Bay (GWK/Priority)
 42) West Coast Rhyme Sayrz Land Of Pimps & Hoes (In-A-Minute)
 43) Hook Boog Kreepin while ya sleepin (Abyssal Giantism)
 44) V/A Bay Area Playaz (Anonymous)
 45) J. Dubb Game Related (Relentless)
 46) Dru Down, Luniz from Thin Line Between Love & Hate S/T (Warner)
 47) Celly Cel Killa Kali (Sick WId It)
 48) RBL Posse’s Hitman Solo Creep (The Right Way)
 49) V/A The Dark Side EP (Tough Street)
 50) B.LA.C.K. demo tape

Above for this week's Amoeblog installment in the Hip-Hop History series we rewind 18 years back to the first week of April 1996 for the Bay Area hip-hop Top 50 chart - compiled by me back at that time -based on Tupac Shakurradio airplay on Pirate Fuckin Radio. The chart, with * symbolizing new releases, includes singles, albums, and demo tapes with most interesting, from a Bay Area hip-hop historical context,  is that it captures the Bay Area in its mid-nineties, pre-hyphy era. Also of note is that it includes Master P, his TRU (The Real Untouchables) crew, and No Limit Records (later to blow up back down in New Orleans) when they were still a Bay Area outfit. It was also before Peanut Butter Wolf formed Stones Throw and left the Bay for LA.

Then, as now, women were in the minority in the local rap game. However, those that did represent, including Suga T of The ClickConscious Daughters (sadly member Special One died three years ago), and Sh'Killa (self-described "gangstrez from da Bay") were all respected, empowered women artists who didn't feel the need to flaunt their sexuality in exchange for fame in the rap game. Also April 1996 was when 2Pac's double album All Eyez On Me -- his fourth full-length, released two months previously on Death Row -- was 'most everyone's favorite rap album and would go on to sell close to ten million copies worldwide. Five months later, on September 13th, Tupac Shakur would be gunned down and killed after leaving the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The number one release was the all-killer Cell Block Compilation, which stands the test of time, with appearances from  Too $hort, Bad N Fluenz, Luniz, Mr Ill, Ant Banks, Seagram (R.I.P.), J-Dubb, 3X Krazy, The Deliquents and more. Really strong collection! Another great Bay Area rap compilation on this 1996 weekly chart (#44) was the Bay Area Playaz compilation (left) on local indie rap label Anonymous, which featured turns from such local heavyweights as RBL Posse, Knumskull of the Luniz, J.T. The Bigga Figga, Master P and TRU, The Delinquents, Totally Insane, Guce, Sean T, GLP, Young Cellski, Hitman, The Link Crew, Mr. El, Sh'killa and then newcomers Street Thugs, with production from the likes of K-Lou, DJ Fuze, Sean T, The Enhancer and JT. In fact, if you wanted to get a good sampling of Bay Area rap circa 1996, these two collections would do the trick.  And finally below is the Bay Area hip-hop news report I wrote for that same week back in early April '96.


Hobo Junction's WhoRidas got signed to South Paw/Delicious Vinyl. Meanwhile, the Oakland collective's best known member Saafir has left Qwest/Warner over what manager Sleuth called "creative differences." Another former Qwest Records artist, Clever Jeff, says he is much happier been signed to the smaller local SF label OM Records. Jeff, whose debut got slept on by way too many, is about to go into Richmond's One Little Indian studios with legendary Bay Area producer Al Eaton to record his second album. Another East Bay rapper who switched from a major to an independent label is COZ....David Paul and the Bomb hip-hop magazine (longtime supporters of vinyl) are gearing up for the release of two great new albums: Bomb Worldwide (an international rap compilation) and Return of The DJ (Volume Two) -- a sequel to the popular hip-hop DJ produced compilation from last year. Expect these new releases to drop in May and June respectively. Also keep a lookout for Return of the DJ (Vol I) to be released on CD shortly. From downtown Oakland label Another Hit Records comes a new Latino rap compilation entitled Definition of Brown which will include Aztlan Nation, MC Man, and Phame. Contact (510) 251-0135...The soundtrack to the new Tom Berenger movie The Substitiute includes cuts from Master P, TRU and Young Murder Squad featuring Sh'Killa...The latest issue of Rap Pages magazine is tight.  It's a special DJ issue with a cool feature on Frisco's West Coast Rock Steady Crew (Q-Bert, Apollo, Mixmaster Mike, Disk, 8-Ball, Shortkut). 

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