New Vinyl/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 7/11 - Gilb'r & Sotofett, XDB, Sterac and more!

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Gilb'r and Sotofett - Cobra


Gilb'r and Sotofett

Cobra EP 12"


Tripping, dub-inflected tracks from Gilb'r and Sex Tags honcho Sotofett.  These tracks are structured like psychedelic rock jams on analog synthesizers rather than loop based dj tools. This is apparent on B-side Plantehaelvate, which spins various melodic yarns over a pulsing bass line.

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Eamon Harkin - Back Down 12"Eamon Harkin

Back Down 12"


Tight two-tracker from Mr. Saturday Night's Eamon Harkin. Title track Back Down begins with the sound of party conversations over a chunky techno beats - perhaps Harkin's many days and nights leading the dance in Brooklyn have allowed him to nail the communal feeling present during a track's lead up. Harkin eventually drops some spacious pads to complete the simple banger. The track will appeal to fans of Runaway's Brooklyn Club Jam. The b-side is a bit bouncier, possessing a cool, Kraftwerk-style mid-range bass line.

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XDB - Africc


Afrikk 12"


Awesome dubby house excursions from XDB. The title track is based around a guitar figure and just kind of hangs around in the air (in the best way possible). The a-side is a bit more immediate, with a cool two-chord stab and bass line driving shifty, organic/electronic percussion. Philogresz puts a similarly off-kilter spin on Afrikk,  Adding some funky claps and even more dub efx to the trippy whole.

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Sterac - Track 2Sterac

Track 2 12"


Steve Rachmad releasing on Ben Klock's label - what could go wrong? Very little, it appears. Track 2 is an addictive organ vamp over a strong techno beat. Immediately recognizable when slipped in with less melodic productions but with enough low-end torque to hang with the big boys. Rotary, which appeared on Klock's Fabric mix, is more content to dig deep into the acid machine, a repetitive tool for peak time.

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Copeland - Because I'm Worth It


Because I'm Worth It LP


Inga Copeland, half of the defunct (?) Hype Williams, steps out with a fully realized new sound. Loosely, she's combining bleeding edge corroded bass techniques with her pop mien. Actress collabs on early highlight Advice for Young Girls, which has Copeland's deadpan monotone sliding over a deflated lo-fi riddim. Several instrumental pieces flit between the weightier vocal tracks - where we are led by Copeland, a convincing prophet of urban decay. Recommended.

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Minor Science - Noble GasMinor Science

Noble Gas 12"

Trilogy Tapes

Minor Science is the musical project of well-known music journalist Angus Finlayson. His debut 12" has been repressed on Trilogy Tapes, and with good reason. There's a strikling effective formula at work here. Finlayson takes the soulful chords of Detroit house and abstracts them for texture without losing the overall feeling. Take Hapless, which sounds a bit like a dream meeting betwen Tuff Sherm and Kassem Mosse. The track is based around a deep vocal and a metallic house snare. The vocal's words are revealed to be, "What am I supposed to do now," as a bittersweet progression fills the air. The twist is that rather than piano or a friendly pad, the synth is reimagined as a morse code transmission, cutting in and out rapidly. It's at once defeated and hopeful.

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Daniel Jacques - Livet Efter Detta

Daniel Jacques

Livet Efter Detta 12"

Mistress Recordings

Cool house 12" from DVS1's new, incredibly solid house leaning label. These are smooth Detroit house jams in the Detroit fashion, heavy on rhodes, dusty cymbals and vocal samples. Closing track, Emotion Devotion, veers closest to early Theo deepness, but there's a lot to love here.

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