One Album Wonders: Fat Truckers' The Fat Truckers First Album is For Sale

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The vinyl LP was introduced by Columbia Records in 1948 but the 45 inch single remained the primary market for the music industry until the dawn of the album era, which began in the mid-1960s. During that period, for any number of reasons, many fine musical acts released only one studio album -- Perfect for completists on a budget! This series examines some of my favorite "one album wonders."



The Fat Truckers were a band comprised of Ben RymerMark HudsonRoss Orton, and occasionally aided by Jason Buckle (then of Ginger Dave and soon of Relaxed Muscle. The music was crude, abrasive and witty, somewhat in the vein of bands like SupermarketSuicide, and fellow SheffieldersCabaret Voltaire

Rymer had made electronic music as The Gasman in the mid-1990s but the group came together in 2000 and performed the vocals on Add N to (X)'s best song, "Monster Bobby." They released one brilliant album,The Fat Truckers First Album is for Sale on their own Roadtrain Recordings in 2003 which was inevitably linked to the then-popular electroclash scene before splitting up. Afterwards Orton went into production, Rymer DJed with Gucci Soundsystem, and Hudson formed the band, Meat For A Dark Day.


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