New Vinyl/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 6/27 - Sons of Magdalene, M. Geddes Gengras, Population One and more!

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Sons of Magdalene - Move to Pain

Sons of Magdalene

Move to Pain CD

Move to Pain LP


Stunning solo debut from Josh Eustis, known for his work with cult favorites Telefon Tel Aviv and touring membership of Nine Inch Nails. It’s been five long years since we’ve heard from Mr. Eustis. Telefon Tel Aviv’s last album, “Immolate Yourself”, consisted of blurry, romantic synthpop made infinitely bleaker by the accompanying news of co-founder Charles Cooper’s death. Since then, Eustis has been a synth and guitar mercenary for Reznor and Co. However, Eustis is now free of the major label shackles and Telefon’s legion of fans can rejoice. Sons of Magdalene has Eustis operating at the height of his powers.
Eustis is that rare studio rat with an equal understanding of voltage control and pop songcraft. His voice is stripped of effects and pensive but imbued with personality. Like Bernard Sumner, he’s a reluctant icon, belting stadium-worthy choruses into the studio ether. The title track could be a cherished and apocryphal Pet Shop Boys B-side, while “A Strange Sound” sounds like  Martin Rev doing his best Donna Summer impression. It’s that good. Meanwhile, Eustis is completely aware of the techno zeitgeist. “O’Death” interpolates the industrial cadence of the Sandwell District axis, and the record, as a whole, is a textural delight. “Move to Pain” will be loved by synth nerds and new romantics alike. An unexpected high-water mark for emotional synthpop.

Move to Pain CD

Move to Pain LP


M. Geddes Gengras - Ishi

M. Geddes Gengras

Ishi CD

Leaving/Stones Throw

Future new age/ambient classic from the LA modular synthesizer explorer; known for his expansive collaborations with Akron/Family, Sun Araw, and The Congos. "Ishi" receives its name from the last "wild native American"... Ged succeeds in bringing natural instincts to technology; remember to forget.

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Design a Wave - A.R.M. 1Design a Wave

A.R.M.1 12"

No Label (Rush Hour)

Not sure where this guy is coming from, but I like it. Somehow, among the thousands of post-punk reissues, Design a Wave has stumbled upon a related sound all his own. The sound consists of low-slung, mid-tempo beats, psychedelic synth arpeggios, and on "Cerebellum," some baritone howling. "Time For Re-Arranges" could be a lost balearic classic, bearing the sunkissed electronic experimentalism of Michael Shrieve's "Transfer Station Blue." The closer "Weird F," is a beautiful ambient piece which served as the basis for that ##### 12" which came out on "No Label" earlier this year.

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Ike Yard - Loss

Ike Yard

Loss (Regis Version) 12"


For his remix of the unsung NYC cold electronics classic, Regis is largely faithful to the original track's dystopic vision. He scratches around the edges, fraying the track with a touch of dub disintegration. He occasional brings in a pulsing, bass arpeggio which sounds slightly more modern than its surroundings, yet maintains the dark, deadpan pall. The massive, stuttering drums are largely untouched, simply EQ'd for today's sound towers.

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M.E.S.H. - Scythians



Scythians 12"


Uncompromising, modern sounds from the Berlin transplant and Janus night resident - recently profiled by the NY Times as part of Brooklyn's invasion of the dance music capital. This record is about as far away from the Berghain's cavernous halls as possible, working with a razor sharp, grime-influenced palatte. The title track is a tour de force, beginning with brutal two-step drums and ending with some unexpected and magisterial strings. The record is full of floating US/UK club productions, with "Imperial Sewers" sounding like a select ambient take on today's more blunted rap productions. "Glassel Finisher" is propulsive yet beatless music, a head cleanse after the rhythmic carnage.

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Naked Island - s/t

Naked Island

Naked Island LP

Peak Oil

Dimensional ambient trips from Ensemble Economique (Not Not Fun, Digitalis) and Felicia Atkinson of Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier (NNA). Sidelong seances that might be a distant relative of dub techno. The A, "Deep, Transcendent Waves of Golden Light," starts out slow with some creepy, elongated synth tones and Atkinson's ethereal French vocals. The B, "Play as It Lays," piles on pretty drones over a breakbeat. Both envelop the listener over their long playtimes.

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Population One - A Mind of His Own

Population One

A Mind of His Own 12"


Focused set from Terrence Dixon on his return to Metroplex! "The Jazz Student" and "Encircle" focus on bizarre synth loops which lock into addictive psychedelic grooves. "Starting Over" is similar, with unsettling major key progression over a whirring LFO and nuanced, propulsive perc. It's alien and novel, yet steeped in the label's tradition. TD continues to push techno forward.

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DESIGN A WAVE: EP 1 - A.R.M. I 12"
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