Aussie Psych-pop Band Wunder Wunder Talk to the Amoeblog Before Their Show May 22 at The Roxy

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If there’s ever been a group that fused the sensibilities of two places they've come from, it’s Wunder Wunder, an Australian band that now live in L.A. The band hails from a place known for its awesome psych-pop bands, like Tame Impala and Jagwar Ma, to name a few, but they’ve got a distinctly easygoing, SoCal vibe, too, on songs like the glittering “Coatstline.”

Even though we’ve only heard two songs so far from the band, we’re already pumped about the prospects they offer. The duo’s debut album, Everything Infinite, is out July 15. We caught up with the band, made up of Aaron Shanahan and Benjamin Plant (who are also in electro-pop band Miami Horror) before their May 22 show with Holy Fuck and James Supercave at The Roxy May 22.


What do you guys think of L.A.? Do you feel like the new surroundings have affected your music at all?

We love Los Angeles and the vibe it has. It's had a big affect on us as people and consequently our music. The sun, laid back energy and even its environment of faded sunsets through smog, pastel buildings and surreal characters have influenced a lot of the music and art of Wunder Wunder. I think its especially obvious being outsiders that have moved here.

What's been your most surreal L.A. moment so far?

We've had a few star-struck moments of Daft Punk at the Roosevelt and Julian Lennon at an after-hours speakeasy. I think daily we are exposed to surreal events as L.A. is very surreal. Even when walking down the street to get a coffee, we see the Hollywood sign, and it almost seems like a painted movie backdrop, especially with the smog that makes you feel like your in some dream.

There seems to have been a real surge of artists from down under making it big around the globe. Do you think there's been a sort of cultural or musical thing happening there, or are we all just getting wise to it now?

I'm not sure as we are in our own bubble, but it appears Australian music is having some exposure to other countries, which is really great. I think it has something to do with having lots of influences in music there from Europe to U.S.A. that means we have a variety of input that filters into our music.

What made you guys want to do this apart from Miami Horror? Is it a project that will coexist with that one?

Yes it will coexist as its own project, not a side project. We wanted to explore something that was outside of dance music and for me to stretch my songwriting skills that had been dormant for awhile, especially in singing and creating vocal melodies. We both were enjoying listening to music from the '60s and '70s, as there was a lot of attractive melodies and sounds that seemed really fresh to us. 

I'm loving the first two songs we've heard from Everything Infinite. "Coastline" is really chilled out and pretty, and then "Sure Stuck" just has this great propulsive new wave beat. I'm curious as to how those elements are gonna meet and what else is in store with Everything Infinite.

Everything Infinite will have a variety of feel to it, and each song has its character and emotion, but it's all tied together in a dreamy and nostalgic feel that is present in those two songs. We have one that's very Fleetwood Mac-inspired, one that is Beatlesque and another that has elements of '90s alternative rock. We really feel its a very cohesive record and have tried to make it flow melodically from track to track. We are very excited to share what has been the result of a lot of passion and love.

What are five records you guys really loved growing up?

1. Paul Simon - Graceland

2. The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour

3. Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream

4. Radiohead - OK Computer

5. The Chemical Brothers - Surrender




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