Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week End 05.30.14: The Roots, PUTS, Atmosphere, Dre's Pay Day, Innocent?, Chynna, Buckshot & P-Money

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Amoeba Hollywood Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: Week Ending 05:30:14

1) The Roots ...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin (Def Jam)
  (also available in LP)

2) Blu Good To Be Home (Nature Sounds/Universal)

3) People Under The Stairs 12 Step Program (also avail in LP) (Piecelock 70)

4) The Fugees Score (Music On Vinyl)

5) Atmosphere Southsiders (also avail in LP) (Rhymesayers Entertainment)

In addition to the two new albums on last week's chart - 12 Step Program (also avail in LP) from longtime LA rap duo People Under the Stairs (PUTS) and fellow longtime indie hip-hop duo Atmosphere's Southsiders (also avail in LP) - new hip-hop albums this week include both Blu's Good To Be Home and this week's number one; The Roots ...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin. This new album, also available in LP format, is the eleventh studio album in 21 years from the Philly formed crew who in more recent years gained mainstream acceptance as Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show band.  The on point Amoeba review of.... Shoot Your Cousin suggests that the new album, the first since 2011's Undun,  comes at a much needed point in the Roots' highly public profile to "the band, once more often noted for their musicianship, emcee skills and social consciousness rather than for being Jimmy Fallon’s house band," to help them reestablish their street cred, and concluding that, "We’ll let The Roots keep their day job, as long as they come back every so often with an album as cool as this one." Clocking in a modest 33 minutes, the ten (technically eleven) track album opens with a song from the late great Nina Simone ("Theme From The Middle Of The Night") and includes such tracks as the lead single "When the People Cheer" (scroll down to see video below). The other chart entry this week is the recently reissued on vinyl from The Fugees Score.

On Wednesday of this week, following weeks of speculation about a tentative Apple/Beats deal between Dr. Dre and the Mac making computer giant that would reap the former N.W.A. member a reported whopping $3.2 billion, the deal finally came to fruition and for just under that projected large sum of money. The actual deal means that Apple, in its history's largest acquisition, will pay $3 billion to both Beats co-founders Dre and Jimmy Iovine. By so doing they'll in a acquire both the popular Beats headphones and the streaming music service Beats Music. The breakdown of this deal means that Dre and Iovine will get a culminative $2.6 billion in cash plus $400 million in equity. Wow! While most other hip-hop artists who came to fame in the 80's are either a) retired and broke, b) gone into acting, c) or worse dead Dre is truly an anomaly. Not only has Dre as a producer managed to weather hip-hop's ebbs and flows over the decades but then he stumbles upon this headphone business that ultimately leads to him pocketing billion and a half big ones this week. This deal puts the other few hip-hop entrepeneurs, such as 50 Cent and his vitamin water endorsement deal that netted him an approximate $4million, pales in comparison.

So now the question remains: what will Dr. Dre do with all of his newly acquired money? My hope is that he might follow the example of other monied tech philanthropists and donate some of that bullion back into schools or inner-city youth programs in that South Central LA community whose name that he initially rose to fame on (Straight Into Compton?). If he were to do so maybe the City of Los Angeles might dedicate a day of the week to the man and call it Dre Day.

The Roots "When The People Cheer"(2014)

Innocent? "Aggravated" (2014)

Innocent? is one of those longtime NYC hip-hop artists that, for the most part, has gone under the radar yet contributing to the art form he loves for two plus decades. On his new track (video above) "Aggravated" the Brooklyn proud emcee raps about his years of persistence in the rap game, all the while giving props to both those who paved the way as well as to the leaders of today's generation that have kept the culture of hip-hop alive. "Aggravated" is the lead single from Innocent?'s forthcoming album Love it or Hate It which is slated for a late July release. The video is directed by Donald Robinson Cole III, while the track's production is courtesy of Fantom of the Beat (formerly known as Haas G of The U.M.C.'s).

Chynna "Glen Coco"  (2014)

While are lyrics may be somewhat one-dimensional her flow is refreshingly original and tight and way better than any of the pop rap female rappers making waves commercially these days, and shows a lot of promise for the Philly newcomer named Chynna. This debut of hers ("Glen Coco" with sick production care of Cloud Atrium ) follows her feature on A$AP ANT's "Chiraq Freestyle" alongside Lil B. The Goldrush directed video above features appearances from A$AP Mob members ILLZ and Ty-Y. Chynna is definitely an artist to watch.

Buckshot & P-Money - "Flute (feat. Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly of Pro Era)" (2014)

Above is the new music video from Buckshot and P-Money's forthcoming album BackPack Travels which drops next month care of Dawn Raid / Dirty Records / Duck Down Music. The video is directed by Guy Blelloch while the song "Flute" is produced by P-Money."

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