Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week End 05.23.14: People Under The Stairs, Atmosphere, Iggy Azelea, Tyler, The Creator, MF Doom

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Amoeba Hollywood Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: Week Ending 05:23:14

1) People Under The Stairs 12 Step Program (also avail in LP) (Piecelock 70)

2) Atmosphere Southsiders (also avail in LP) (Rhymesayers Entertainment)

3) Iggy Azelea The New Classic (Island/Def Jam)

4) Tyler, The Creator Wolf (Columbia)

5) MF Doom Mm...Food? (Rhymesayers)

Released earlier this month is the brand new album 12 Step Program (also avail in LP) from longtime LA rap duo People Under the Stairs (PUTS) that has shot straight to number one on the new hip-hop chart this week in their hometown Amoeba. It is the ninth album from the talented pair, comprised of Double K and Thes One, of whom wrote in the new album review, "The PUTS are aging like the luxury items they are, becoming better and more valuable with age, forever giving the impression that their most fruitful period is always the current one." I concur and for further proof scroll down to see a video clip from the new 12 track 12 Step Program.  Similarly the number two new chart entry is from another longtime indie hip-hop act duo Atmosphere. Of this new release from the emcee/production duo of Slug and Ant accurately writes, "Slug brings that same honesty to his raps about getting older and wiser on Southsiders, a kind of refocusing for Atmosphere. Rather than try to recapture the fury of Atmosphere’s youthful early albums, Slug portrays a newfound ability to look outward and upward here." Agreed and the album, a 20 song set, deserves repeated listens to fully absorb all he has to say. Read the full review here.

I really admire and respect how both PUTS and Atmosphere, and so many other longtime indie acts out there like them, keep going strong years and years later, outliving so many of their mainstream counterparts. And I believe that it is their love of the art form - that combined with their obvious talent and originality - that helps them accomplish this feat. Consequently I question just how long Izzy Azalea (whose official US debut The New Classic is this week's number three chart entry) will be around: how many years and how many more albums might this commercial rapper be around for? For her sake I hope a long time. But being a cynical person who cannot look past her completely unoriginal and totally derivative rap style and her pre-packaged image (see video below), I would give her maybe two more (US) major label releases or at least until the next cookie cutter prepackaged female sex symbol, pop-rapper comes along to replace her.

Also below are videos from the other two Top Five Chart entries which are both older releases back in the charts. One is the timeless brilliant release from MF Doom Mm...Food? (which is the letters of MF Doom rearranged) and was originally released in 2004, then rereleased on CD/DVD special edition in 2007 (that release included the DVD that had the video tour clip below), as well as the vinyl 2007 MM..Food? reissue via Fat Beats. The other older release back in the charts is the 2013 Tyler, The Creator album Wolf which recently celebrated its one year anniversary with a concert in Pomona (see video below).  Oh and finally go check out Peanut Butter Wolf at Amoeba Hollywood next Wednesday (May 28th) at 6pm for the DVD/CD release party of the excellent Stones Throw documentary and soundtrack Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton.

People Under The Stairs 12 Step Program promo (2014)

Atmosphere "Camera Thief" (2014)

Iggy Azalea "Fancy feat. Charli XCX (Explicit)" (2014)

Tyler The Creator WOLF Anniversary Show (2014)

MF DOOM MM.. Food? Drive Tour

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