New CD/Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 5/30/14 - Ninos du Brasil, Powell, Napolian and more!

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Ninos du Brasil

Ninos du Brasil

Novos Misterios CD

Novos Misterios LP

Amazing shifting rhythms from the Italian percussionist duo. The group has moved from hardcore punk to this unique hybrid Batucada and Techno, and come up with something you might find nestled deep in a Villalobos marathon set. “Olhar Das Folhas” makes most minimal techno seem rhythmically bland - Ninos du Brasil’s drums are alive, a locktight amalgam of hand-played and electronic drums.

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Dalhous - Visibility is a TrapDalhous

Visibility is a Trap 12"

Blackest Ever Black

Darksided ambience from the duo formerly known as Young Hunting. That good ol’ Blackest Ever Black sound. Highlight “Success is Her Sensuality” sounds like an 80s gated-snare ballad (eg. In the Air Tonight) put through an austere, string synth grinder. 

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Deetroit Conspiracy 12"


The third anonymous 12” affair from the unknown (detroit?) producer. The no-frills approach has allowed him/her to focus on what matters - perc heavy, midwest influenced slappers. The first track, “U Feel It” sounds like some classic Marshall Jefferson biz, especially when the deep spoken word comes in. “Deeviants” has a bit of Dancemania influence with its squeaky spring percussion - yet its clever chords and rhythmic switches lend it a bit of elegance. Closer “Flow” is equally energetic, with a big Juno bassline and trippy effects.

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Powell - Club Music


Club Music 12"


Club music for maniacs from English inciter Powell. Nothing friendly about this one, though with distortion and various minimal shapes Powell does manage to create a sort of rhythmic logic in keeping with the record’s title. On “Maniac”, he recruits fellow sonic arsonist Russell Haswell for the record’s most intriguing track. It’s a bit like an On-U dub experiment, elements of a band warming up, hardcore vocals, and various lo-bit sound are dropped over an insistent riddim. Brutalist club collage is closer to the truth.

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Call Super - Depicta
Call Super
Depicta/ Acephale 12"
Forward-thinking techno from Call Super (aka Ondo Fudd aka JR Seaton). On the A, a heavy kick is neutralized by new age pads and a squeaky dub effect that keeps things on chaotic edge. “Acephale” is more complex, with interplay between staccato synth leads and a jacking snare taking the foreground to the meditative pads. The intermittent two-note bassline provides a disproportionate sense of drama.
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Tiago - Primeira VisaoTiago
Portugal’s balearic master with a fairly radical dj record. The title track moves from a smooth, island guitar line to a more hypnotic pulsing groove, and will be a great transitional record for jocks attempting to shift moods. “Segundo Visão” adds funk guitar and disco EQ tricks for a slightly more traditional rave-up. “Cruzar Facas” has a heavy kick and snare and dwells on psychedelic dub atmospherics. Three excellent tracks, recommended.
Napolian - Incursio
Software Records
Killer beat-tape from the young LA producer. Equally influenced by video game scores, Dr. Dre and Huerco S., Incursio’s 15 tracks demonstrate a virtuosic young talent. “Therm G.” is like a dystopian version of the Drive soundtrack, while “Peace & Safety” reprises Software boss Onoehtrix Point Never’s early dimensional drone. The most epic tracks come late in the album, “Darpa” is a mechanized hip-hop banger.