New CD/Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 5/23/14 - Omar S, Lack, Moon B and more!

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Omar S - Motown Methods

Omar S and Luke Hess

Motown Methods 12"


Omar teams up with longtime collaborator Luke Hess for a motor city summit. Fans of both producers will be delighted with the results."Automatic Midnight" combines AOS's percussive grit with Hess's refined sense of space. It's a dub techno track imbued with gritty personality. The B, "Outerspace Drive" feels like the duo attempted to force Terry Riley's expansive minimalism into a jack track. Perfect for late night trips.

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Lack - Expect Night WorkLack

Expect Night Work 12"


Rabih Beani continues his circuitous path through the mutant US techno underground, this time unearthing Lack, from Carrboro, North Carolina. This is pantomime techno. The only present elements are those necessary to convey a simple point - it's not dance music, rather the implication of it. "Eminence Grace" uses a bold stab which sounds sourced from an early rave record and not much else. "Aphelion" focuses on an unnerving sine wave and a skeletal rhythm. 

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Tuff City Kids - Roby Tease

Tuff City Kids

Roby Tease EP


Gerd Janson and Philip Lauer popping up somewhat unexpectedly on techno stronghold for Delsin. First track "HFS" indicates their approach was influenced by the label - it's a driving, dubby house tack that's more austere than typical TCK productions. Of course, the duo can't resist a leftfield touch, present in the somewhat absurd string progression during the track's break. The Final track "Reeze" is a cool rhythm track with pitched hi-hats. 

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Gene Hunt - PandemoniumGene Hunt

Pandemonium 12"

LA Club Resource

80s Chicago jack tracks resucitated by the young and hungry hungry LA Club Resource crew. This is retrofuturism at its finest. A-side "Pandemonium" is a crushing house rhythm with clever shifts and pauses and only a hint of a 303 bass line. On the flip, "Jackzone" is more focused on creating a boxy, Blade Runner atmosphere. These tracks will level today'sdance floors.

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Moon B - II

Moon B


Peoples Potential Unlimited

Atlanta synthfunk maestro returns to PPU with his second full-length. Sonically, Moon B stays the course -- his is head nodding Ensoniq funk. That said, the arrangements are more complex than Moon B's acclaimed early work. On the hilariously titled "Stank Tartare", the lead synths follow the bass line through a number of unexpected key changes. "Green Sky" is similarly unsettling, sounding like a funky soundtrack to an X-file themed adult movie. There is a rough, bootleg quality to these tracks, but again, they're more ambitious than what's come before. "Old Iz New" is a highlight - Moon B sounds relaxed and in the pocket when laying down slo-mo analog house.



Douglas Dare - Whelm

Douglas Dare

Whelm LP

Whelm CD

Erased Tapes

If anyone will carry piano pop into the post-digital age, it will be Douglas Dare. This willowy songwriter has a fair amount in common with Owen Pallet, Patrick Wolf, and even Joanna Newsom, yet he subverts the piano pop archetype with subtle electronic touches. The record's title track is a wistful, minor key instrumental, the only track bereft of Dare's reedy tenor. On "Repeat", he comes off a bit like a lovelorn Sebastian Tellier, and many of the songs balance an ethereal feeling with an obvious knack for narrative.

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Fatima Al Qadiri - Asiatisch

Fatima Al Qadiri

Asiatisch CD


A self-consciously exoticized musical trip through Asia, Al Qadiri takes the "oriental" futurism of Grime and Fade 2 Mind/Night Slugs to its logical extreme. High concept aside, this is worth it for Fatima's futuristic read on club music.

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