New CD/Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 5/2/14- Matt Karmil, Ondo Fudd, R-Zone and more!

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Matt Karmil


Matt Karmil

Matt Karmil CD


Inward-looking house album from the English producer Karmil. These tracks unspool slowly, largely based on gauzy samples and minimal synth work. The result is somewhere between Fennesz, Gas and the L.I.E.S. catalog, an alluring sound indeed. "Sinkhole" mixes an elegant, corroded string sample with a touch of 303 squelch. Ambient shufflers for the heads.

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Jonsson & Alter - Brevet Hem

Jonsson & Alter

Brevet Hem 7"

Kontra Music

Single version of the moody cut of J & A's excellent "2" album. Kazumi's heavily reverbed vocals ride an expansive synth motif. Eventually, the breakdown opens up to a tough tech/house drum workout with some Seinfeld slap bass accents and subtle jacking percussion. This track would do damage at one of  Lee Burridge's All Day I Dream parties.

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S.P. Posse - Acido 17


S.P. Posse

Acido 17 12"


Chilled-out, perc heavy experiments from Phillip Gelberg and SVN (AU, XI, Tase, Dreesvn). A2 slinks around an insistent table line, floating some optimistic chords over the shifting rhythm. The B also hints at a non-western rhythmic framework, its accents shifting like a thoroughly modern, psychedelic raga.

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R-Zone - Down You Go


Down You Go/Give Me More 12"


Very techno edition of the awesome R-Zone series. R-Zone has managed to strip the identities of respected producers, placing the tunes first. Here, we have functional and banging analog techno tracks. "Give Me More" is hypnotic, with a funky bassline and hi-hat interacting nicely with a driving two-note synth lead. All manner of atmosphere fills in the track nicely. "Too Much TV" takes a similar sound to it's logical extension, sounding darker and indebted to early R&S's rave glory days. Class stuff.

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Ondo Fudd - Coup D'Etat

Ondo Fudd

Coup D'Etat 12"

Trilogy Tapes

Excellent new TTT from Jim Seaton's new alias. The title track is a burner, mixing hard as nails drum with a rather delicate, addictive synth line in a way similar to Omar A. B2 "There Will Be A Time" is the other highlight, riding a crushing four-note bassline, the sedate drop showing Ondo's paradoxical ability for nuanced dub ambience.

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Fay - Deathwatch


Deathwatch LP

Time No Place

Electronic music, a supposed haven from traditional musical ideas, musicianship and equipment, yet every week so many records adhere to the sound of the moment. Fay's Deathwatch is not one of those records. These are deeply personal dirges that lay waste to traditional song/track structure. C.A.Y.A. begins with a piano-wire lead and FAY Davis-Jeffers wordless, looped vocals before crashing into an alien dirge. "Can't Fall" dissolves into a mournful piano solo. This isn't so much subversion as pure creativity laid to tape.

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Traumprinz - I Love Ya


I Love Ya/Intrinity 12"


The home gym on the label is no accident, deep, dark workouts on Traumprinz's own label. A few trends emerge on "I Love Ya" - subbass and toned kicks meant to work larger sound systems, funky insouciant stabs and monotone, big room vocal samples. An uneasy, carnival funhouse synth creeps in to set the track apart from mere dj fodder.

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