Purim Song to Celebrate Jewish Holiday

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The Maccabeats "Purim Song"

                                              Purim (in Hebrew)

To further celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim, the spring holiday that commemorates the Jewish community's narrow escape from collective destruction in the ancient Persian Empire, I share with you "Purim Song" by the Maccabeats. The upbeat, updated version of the song that celebrates the age old holiday is musically based on Pink's big hit "Raise Your Glass."  The name of the Jewish holiday, which began last evening and ends this evening (March 16th) and traditionally involves dressing up in costumes and having lots of celebratory drinks, comes from the Persian word for "lots" and is a reference to the fact that the date set for the Jews' annihilation was chosen by casting lots. The Purim holiday entails several major components that include delivering gifts to friends (mishloach manot), giving charity to the poor (matanot la'evyonim), and public readings of the Book of Esther (k'riat megillah) - all of which are referenced in the Maccabeats' "Purim Song." To understand the meaning of Purim further, check out the lyrics in the video version of the Maccabeats' "Purim Song" below or research more here.

The Maccabeats "Purim Song (audio with lyrics video version)"

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