It's Gettin' Hella Repetitive In Herre, But Curious Ears Can't Resist Bay Area's Radio Station Stunt of Non-Stop Nelly Song Loop

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Nelly "Hot In Herre" (2002)

Whatever the reason behind Bay Area radio station Latino Mix 105.7 suddenly halting regular programming last evening to begin playing a non-stop loop of Nelly's 2002 number one rap crossover hit single "Hot In Herre," its widespread effect has been profound. Not long after 6pm last night (Friday March 14th), when Latino Mix 105.7 (also 100.7FM) first began playing the Southern rapper's NellyVille album hit, it has invoked in listeners (mostly new ones who got wind of the stunt via social media) something long lacking in commercial radio programming; a sense of mystery and the unknown. And even if solving that mystery meant listening ad infinitum to Nelly rap lines like "Stop placin, time wastin I gotta a friend with a pole in the basement (What?). I'm just kiddin like Jason (Oh)" curious ears wanted to know the reason. By around the  140th time the 3:48 minutes song was spun, nine hours in the Nelly marathon at around 3am this morning, one hooked listener tweeted, "I almost feel compelled to stay up all night and listen to Nelly just to see how this will all end" while another posed the question, "Did this nikka cure cancer recently or some shyt?"

So what is the answer to this programming puzzle? Why of all songs, Nelly's song on a Latin Mix station? And what will come at the end of this Nelly rap hit marathon or will it will maybe never end and become Hot In Herre Til Infinity FM? And did did Nelly cure cancer? No he didn't but he did get rid of that Band-Aid he used to sport on his face 12 years ago when "Hot In Herre" was a huge hit. Maybe it has something to do with the Ides Of March? Maybe but likely not. Does it have something to do with the Bay Area weather maybe getting hot in herre. Possibly, since highs in the Bay Area for tomorrow (Sunday March 16th) are expected to get up to 82 degrees. Or might the song, if reading way too deep into the lyrics "Get off the freeway, exit 106 and parked it," have a subliminal meaning that 105.7FM will soon be exiting and parking their programming format for an all new one, perhaps symbolized by this song? Yes, well something like that since traditionally radio stations pull stunts like this (playing the same song or same artist repeatedly) just when they are about to unveil some new type of programming - and always with little warning. When the first commercial radio station I worked on (KKCY "The City" San Francisco) suddenly took over from The Quake back in the mid 80's they ushered in the new station/new programming switch with a non-stop Brian Eno music marathon. My guess is that they will play Nelly all weekend right through until 6am Monday morning (approx 960 times over 60 hours) when they will present their new morning drive show along their new brand new (non Latin Mix) radio format. Meanwhile tune in here and enjoy the Nelly song with the word here famously misspelled and him rapping bout "mix a little bit of ah, ah with a little bit of ah, ah" and listen for The Neptunes produced song's key samples: Chuck Brown's "Bustin' Loose", Neil Young's "There's a World," and Nancy Sinatra's cover of "As Tears Go By". And shop for Nelly's music at Amoeba.

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