Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week End 02.28.14: New Releases, Swampkat (RIP), Too $hort Bowling, DMC 2014, Qbert in NYC, Ras Kass in San Jose

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Shout out to E-Lit at the Berkeley Amoeba Music store for running down, in the above video, all the new and recent hip-hop releases to arrive at Amoeba lately in both CD and vinyl formats including Open Mike Eagle's Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes(on vinyl) and As Is on CD by longtime prolific Bay Area hip-hop soldier White Mic of Bored Stiff fame who, as E-Lit notes, also has a forthcoming release - a previous collaboration with Z-Man - now coming on vinyl. All of the releases showcased by E-Lit above can be found at Amoeba Music in the three retail stores (Berkeley, San Francisco, and Hollywood) and in most, but not all, cases online at the store.

Hip-hop concerts, parties, and events from the Bay to LA and beyond in the week ahead include Too $hort doing a most worthwhile charity event that offers fans a chance to go both bowling and into the studio with the godfather of Bay Area rap while simultaneously helping out the East Oakland self-described multi-service community transformation hub Youth UpRising that Short has long been involved in.  The ongoing Too $hort Charity Buzz auction fund drive, that offers the final winner "one hour of recording time in the state of the art music studio at Youth UpRising, a 25,000 sq. ft. community transformation center in the heart of East Oakland. Following the recording session, join Too $hort for a game of bowling at Lucky Strike, a stylish bowling lounge in San Francisco," is currently up to $850 with the estimated value on this item listed as $2000. Bid here and help a worthy cause and yourself at the same time. Auction ends March 11th.  In the South Bay tonight, Saturday March 1st, LA rap vet Ras Kass along with Indjnous headlines a show with Motion Man (whose classic 1993 song/video "Mo Like Flows On" is below), Jeff Turner, Opski Chan, Audio Dru, plus DJ Abraham and others. Show at Back Bar 418 S Market St, San Jose, CA 95113. 9pm 21+ $10 more info

                                                         Motion Man "Mo Like Flows On"
Bronx hip-hop DJ pioneer and creator of the scratch (and needle drop) Grand Wizzard Theodore will be out in LA this coming Thursday, March 6th (the day after his birthday coincidentally), along with Grandmaster Flash, and GrandMixer DXT when all three will be inducted into the famous Rock Walk for their contributions to turntablism and hip-hop. Ceremony will take place (free event) Thursday March 6th, 2014 at 3pm (arrive early to find parking) at the Rock Walk at Guitar Center Hollywood at 7425 Sunset Blvd not too far from Amoeba Hollywood. 

Meanwhile the artform/subgenre of hip-hop that the three aforementioned hip-hop DJs kickstarted - turntablism or skratch music and DJ battling is alive and well with proof including the healthy DMC 2014 battle season that is already underway. See the video (below) of DJ Qbert's amazing showcase set at the NYC Regional exactly one month ago on February 1st, 2014 at Webster Hall. Presented by Rane the regional DMC battles this year include Denver, Hartford, Seattle, Dallas, Tampa, San Francisco, LA, Dallas and, this coming Tuesday March 4th, Cincinatti where the their DMC Regionals will take place at the Ohio city's Play 35 venue at 8pm where DJ Topspeed will do a showcase as well as join the judge's panel that will include Mr. Dibbs. 8pm $10 18+  Play 35 is located at East 7th St Cincinnati, OH 45202. More info.
Meanwhile the Bay Area DMC battle takes place at Mighty in San Francisco on April 26th. The 2014 DMC San Francisco Regional battle (also DMC USA Team DJ Battles) take place that day starting early at noon through 7pm. It will be hosted by DJ Apollo who will also be one of the judges along with (fellow DJ in Triple Threat Crew) Vin Roc, Goldenchyd, Pos Red, and Teeko. More to be announced later and I will report, as I traditionally do like at last year's SF DMC when DJ Traps (pictured) won, on these important DJ battles over the coming year here on the Amoeblog.

DJ Qbert showcase routine at 2014 DMC NYC Regional @ Webster Hall, Feb 1st, 2014

Thanks to my girl Kerry Huffman Vann over at RapBay for updating me on the sad news that Bay Area producer Swampkat recently passed following a battle with cancer. As Kerry said of the musician / producer, best known for producing Mac Dre's song "Since 84," he was "a big contributor to music in general with his band" and that he made "Huge contributions to Bay Area rap history in general with several of the tracks he produced for Mac Dre." As Kerry mused both Swampkat and Mac Dre, who has been dead a full decade now, are likely doing "the Thizzle dance right now" in heaven. In honor of both Swampkat and Mac Dre I leave you with a video for the Swampkat produced Mac Dre song "Since 84."


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