Check Out Wide Variety of Digital Downloads from Amoeba.Com Including Hot New Hip-Hop Releases - All At 20% Discount This Month

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If you are a diehard vinyl or CD music collector and have never bought music via download format before now (or even if you already have) this is the time to do so since Amoeba's online store this month of March is offering all music downloads at a 20% discount [just enter the promo code DLSALEH at checkout] and there is a lot of great stuff to chose from at When you compare the cost of getting an album in download digital format versus on vinyl or even CD it works out cheaper to purchase this way - sometimes less than eight bucks for an album. Of further interest to music fans is the fact that you will also find a lot of rare, no longer in print on vinyl or CD, tracks available on the Amoeba site.

Additionally the music downloads for sale from Amoeba are available not only in MP3 format, but also in higher quality formats as M4A (ALAC - Apple Lossless) and WAV files. This way you can choose the sound quality and file size that works best for you and your personal needs depending on how you listen back to your music. And on the download pages of the store you can preview album track samples and, without even re-hitting the red play button, if you leave it the player will automatically track through an album for you.

Among the new releases in hip-hop downloads that you can download my strong recommendations include the excellent Homeboy Sandman release White Sands  that was released last week (March 4th, 2014) and so far is only available as a download (another reason to cop it in this format). This 26 and a half minute, seven track release sells for $6.98 if you chose the MP3 format to download in (after the special discount this month that is only $5.58!).

Although he has been honing his skills in his native New York City for several years Homeboy Sandman is one of the more recent LA based Stones Throw Records family members. Stones Throw founder Peanut Butter Wolf was a fan of Homeboy Sandman's once he first heard his unique intricate wordplay. Evidence of this abounds throughout the series of releases that the prolific artist has released through Stones Throw since signing with the label a little over a year ago. These include the downloadable releases All That I Hold Dear, Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent, and First of a Living Breed, Among my personal favorites on Homeboy Sandman's brand new release is the song "Fat Belly" in which the emcee name checks such things as Trader Joes, granola, and sun dried tomatoes, and makes pasta rhyme with imposter. Buy here. Another new hip-hop release worth checking out if you are into classic soul,  jazz, and some funk driven instrumental hip-hop beats (and again preview it on the sample player to ensure that you are feeling it) is the recently released Classic Was The Day album by Funky DL. The 17 track album download in MP3 format sells for $9.98 (that's before the special 20% discount this month which makes it only $7.98). Buy here.

Oh and in addition to all the downloads for sale there area also a lot of free tracks available from to download. When you go to the site, click on the drop down from music and then then click on "FREE DOWNLOADS" to see what we have that particular day. Note that you can also download the best of 2013.
First to get started with general digital downloading go here, and remember that now through the end of this Month, March 31st, 2014 you will automatically receive a 20% discount once you enter the promo code DLSALEH

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