New CD/Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 3/27/14 - Hidden Fees, Efdemin, Voices from the Lake and more!

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Hidden Fees - So What


Hidden Fees

So What 12"

Beats in Space

Plenty of djs (plenty of LA djs) are involved in the disco not disco unearthed classic arms race, but you don't hear too many acts take a shot at their own version. Hidden Fees isn't scared. Full disco orchestra with Emotional Rescue-era Jagger pouting all over it. Great hypnotic Rhodes lines and horn arrangements. Portugese wizard Tiago turns in some hypnotic, floor-ready remixes.

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Vermont - Vermont


Vermont CD


Brooding, patient album from the US-style house wunderkind and the Innervsions man Worgull. Not a sample or an obvious club cut to be found here, this is emotional synthesizer music more concerned with textures than beats. "Ruckzug" uses moody piano and an insistent synth, while "Ubersprung" has beautiful, elegiac strings. It's all a tad serious, but it's expertly produced the listener would be hard pressed to find more evocative, filmic electronic music. The delicate, precise touch used to create these tracks make it a perfect fit on Kompakt.

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Innershades - Toxic Trax


Toxic Trax 12"


Half an hour of amped-up, tough house tracks from the Belgian producer. The record is loosely divided into two parts, Twilight and Ghetto. The former has Innershades focused on a banging, old school rave inspired sound, while the latter has him reducing even further, hitting a Dancemania inspired sweet spot. He keeps things admirably minimal and intriguing. A-side highlight "Work Dat" hangs on to a tough set of chords and minimal Roland leads. The b-side is all rhythmic one-note leads, jacking percussion and rude samples as the ghetto signifier would suggest. "Walk that Walk" sounds like a higher fidelity version of Delroy Edwards' "Drop Dead".

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Voices from the Lake - Velo Di Maya

Voices from the Lake

Velo Di Maya 12"

The Bunker New York

More deep, hypnotic techno from Donato Dozzy and Neel. This is a good thing, as they haven't put out anything less than terrific. This record is closest to the expansive techno displayed during their live shows. "Sentiero" uses just three notes of melody, while a dubbed out dungeon of sounds swirls in the background. Both this track and closer "Respiro (Live Edit)" possess the spacious gravity of Rrose's best work.

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Helena Hauff - Return to Disorder

Helena Hauff

Return to Disorder 12"

Panzerkreuz 1028

Helena Hauff has made a fair amount of noise over the past year with her fearless dj sets an even bolder releases on Werk Discs and Pan. This may be her toughest release yet. "Blast" acts that way it sounds, descending into noise, while "We Only Want Tragedy" employs a punishing electro bounce. Other formatives are heavy acid and industrial music. Not for the faint of heart!


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Baba Stiltz - Palatz

Baba Stiltz

Palatz 12"

Studio Barnhus

Big one from Axel Boman's Studio Barnhus label. The title track "Palatz" starts with a friendly house progression which ends up being a fake-out. A searing synth line arrives in the middle as the percussion begins an odd workout. Soon enough, those major chords are back to conclude the unruly banger. The b-side, "Crypt", is more hypnotic and kraut-influenced, the bassline buoyed by ocean samples.

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Efdemin - DecayEfdemin


Decay 12"


Stunning full-length from the Dial mainstay. While trends get recycled, Efdemin seems content to continue to hone his classic Voigt meet Robert Hood minimalism. "Subatomic" is a prime example. A Detroit rhythm track mixes admirably with icy, Cologne-style ambience. "Solaris" and "Parallaxis" are related tracks built on pensive, futuristic arpeggiation, Efdemin seemingly sharing a sci-fi fixation with the legends that inspire him. 

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