NAMM 2014 Report with Shing02

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NAMM 2014 Digest [HD] by Shing02 for Amoeblog

For the fifth year in a row hip-hop artist/producer and product designer Shing02 took time out of his busy schedule to produce a video report exclusively for the Amoeblog from the annual NAMM trade show, which has the distinction of being the world's largest trade-only event for the music products industry. Around this time of the year via his NAMM video reports, the super-talented Japanese artist previews all the latest drool-worthy new gadgets, instruments, and sundry music themed electronic inventions months or longer in advance of when they are scheduled to hit the marketplace.

As well as keyboards, guitars, and other instruments, NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) features lots of DJ-related equipment. Shing02's been attending the annual mega-scale music product trade shows annual event that takes place every January at the Anaheim Convention Center (across from Disneyland) for over a dozen years now. NAMM is closed to the general public, but Shing02's longtime relationship with Vestax (for whom he designed the unique Fader Board a decade ago and still consults for) gets him a coveted badge to attend the trade event. I have always wanted to attend NAMM and this year, thanks to Thud Rumble's (YogaFrog and DJ Qbert's company) affiliation with the DJ-Tech company, was fortunate to cop a badge to admit entrance.

I attended two of the four days of NAMM and on the first day Shing02 walked me around the overwhelmingly huge space to point out items and booths of interest like the Critter & Guitari Musical Instruments booth.  Many of these booths/displays are outlined in Shing02's video report above: there's the latest/next version of Pro Tools (Pro Tools 11), the Thud Rumble designed DJ-Tech TRX mixer, the cool tricked-out CDJs at the Pioneer booth, and the new video stream broadcast pack in a box: the PBS-4VTK. Manufactured by Vestax, who have expanded their product base, this Ustream-ready package is perfect for anyone who wants to stream performances (or any event) live in high quality audio/video but do not want the headache of trying to determine what cameras and mixer to get and figure out how to connect them all effectively (a pain in the neck for the average person). This  kit, which will sell for the affordable price of approx $600, does it all for you and comes with a neat video mixer, two good cameras with stands, plus a decent quality mic with stand. With all direct sound in and instantly digitally synced up it has potential to appeal to not only artists or concert producers wishing to broadcast online but also corporate and educational institutions.

DJ Qbert, whose highly anticipated new album Extraterrestria will be dropping soon, spent much of his time at the DJ-Tech booth demo'ing the Thud Rumble TR-1S mixer and the prototype of the updated TRX model of the same mixer that will be released in limited supply this year. The new model is, as YogaFrog announced on mic to the large crowd that had gathered in the afternoon of Day One of NAMM at the DJ-Tech booth, streamlined for scratch DJs who want to effortlessly record their sessions by being able to plug the direct outs of the mixer into a four channel sound card utilizing the stereo XLR balanced output feature. Of this updated version of the original mixer, that Thud Rumble/DJ-Tech previewed at the last year’s NAMM show, Thud Rumble staffer Charles Angeles Jr. (aka DJ Inbituin) who was part of the design team told me that, "After we did partnership design with DJ-Tech on TR-1S, which is pretty much sold out now, we tried to improve on that and we listened to DJs/consumers' feedback on ways that they thought it could be better. So we tried to improve on everything and try to make it the best skratch mixer." Another new limited edition Qbert related product unveiled at NAMM was the 10 Year Anniversary Qbert Ortofon cartridge (only 500 made) that was designed by Brazilian artists Os Gêmeos: The Twins, Otavio and Gustavo.

When not at the DJ-Tech booth Qbert was busy bopping round the convention hall visiting other company booths that he has affiliations with include the Sennheiser booth who he is seen performing at in Shing02's video above and wearing their headphones. That was just one of several performances that Qbert did at NAMM and just one of hundreds literally by others at the four day event: performances that ranged from impromptu booth jams to announced concerts at the various stages set up throughout the convention center. Of all the things on display at NAMM however the one that I liked the most was not even electronic but a piece furniture  (as seen in Shing02's video above) - a cassette design hand crafted coffee table (they spell it tayble) that is made with good quality wood and an attention to detail that includes inbuilt lights, cup holders, and drawer - on sturdy metal legs. These cassette coffee tables can even be custom designed to include your company name or logo or anything you want on its flat surface top. They are made by two local guys from Hollywood, who make them under the company name 214 Graffiti, that are a couple of former graffiti artists who drifted into making these tables out of shared loved of cassette imagery. For info on NAMM 2015 click here or check back here on the Ameoblog this time next year for another Shing02 NAMM report.

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