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Whether you're experiencing a gumption deficit or feeling under the weather or just looking for that perfect hour and thirteen minute soundtrack to complete your daily routine this, gentle rocker, is the ultimate get up and go mix for you!

Today I learned that a friend of a friend in Detroit pieced together every, EVERY, Thin Lizzy guitar solo, roughly one hundred culled from twelve studio albums, into a career-spanning sonic tapestry and tapped it into YouTube thus gifting the masses with something of an ultimate longform Lizz fix featuring Eric Bell, Scott Gorham, Brian Roberston, Gary Moore, Snowy White, John Sykes (as well as two bonus keyboard solos by Darren Wharton) giving life to all youse rockers who love to live!

[listening to this while I type this up is testing my ability to refrain from utilizing an ALL CAPS voice].

Beginning from the top of Phil Lynott & Co.'s career -- the "peak" 1979-1980 period (I agree, these were not necessarily the best front-to-back albums but they sure serve up some of the best solos), transitioning to the early psych-folk rockin' Eric Bell years that comprise first three 1971-1973 albums and moving on to the signature harmonized twin-axe attack Thin Lizzy popularized in tandem with their rise to fame circa 1974-1977 and rounding out with their 1980-1983 "Heavy Metal End Phase" -- complete with Jailbreak bookends for good measure -- this mix is part of a complete breakfast Lizzfest! ARE YOU READY!!!


\m/ mad props to the maker \m/

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