Two New "What's In My Bag?" Episodes With The Flaming Lips

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Our What's In My Bag? crew had the pleasure of shooting an episode each with Michael Ivins and Kliph Scurlock of psychedelic alternative rock band The Flaming Lips. Definitely a must see for Lips' fans. 

Michael Lee Ivins (pictured in the blue shirt) is the bassist and founding member of The Flaming Lips. The band originally formed in Norman, Oklahoma with Wayne Coyne playing guitar, his brother Mark Coyne on vocals, and Ivins handling bass duties. After several years of crafting their sound, The Flaming Lips broke into the mainstream with their 6th studio album, Transmissions From The Sattelite Heart (1993), spawning the hit single "She Don't Use Jelly."  

In March 1999, The Flaming Lips were gearing up to tour in support of their album, The Soft Bulletin. The band hired Kliph Scurlock (pictured left in purple shirt) to do some heavy lifting as a roadie. Scurlock remaind on tour with the band until 2002 when the Lips were doubling as an opener and backing band for Beck. In an effort to enable multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd to play lead guitar, Scurlock was asked to play drums during the band's run with Beck. Subsequently, Scurlock went from touring drummer to full-time member and remains with the Lips until this day.      

Michael Ivins, being a true Trekkie, snatches up Original Stories For Children By Star Trek on vinyl. He also picks up several test records, including a stereo test and frequency test on vinyl. Those might make for some great samples on the next Flaming Lips release! Ivins also digs up a copy of Nina Simone's Little Girl Blue on vinyl. See the full episode for all of Michael's picks.

Kliph Scurlock, on the other hand, has all CDs and no vinyl. Nonetheless, he's got some great finds! Scurlock starts off with Gram Parsons' GP, released by Mobile Fidelity, and follows with the Buffalo Springfield Box Set. That's definitely hours and hours of a good rocking time. He also digs up one of his "favorite singers ever" with Linda Ronstadt's Don't Cry Now (Mobile Fidelity). From Rock to Country to Punk, Scurlock finds it all at Amoeba Hollywood. Check out the full episode with Kliph Scurlock below. 

Michael Ivins - What's In My Bag?
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Kliph Scurlock - What's In My Bag?
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