New Years Day Bell Ringing Celebration Today At Richmond's Endangered Bridge ArtSpace

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If you are in the East Bay this afternoon herald in 2014 at the Bridge ArtSpace where the 4th Annual New Years Day Bell Ringing Celebration, and potluck brunch, and bonfire will be held at the endangered Richmond art space. Beginning at noon with complimentary coffee the new year bell ringing (bells big and small) and bonfire celebrations, followed by poetry and various music performances, begin at 1pm and run through 4pm at the converted storage space complex. To fans of this unique artspace - storage units converted into art studio spaces - today's bell ringing could also symbolize a premature farewell to the Bridge Storage and ArtSpace (aka "Bridge") has been scrambling to catch up with local city ordinances and permits. The City of Richmond’s Planning Department, its Building Department, and Code Enforcement Unit recently sent the Bridge an eviction notice stating that the converted art and music studios are not in full compliance with Richmond Municipal Codes and needs to vacate within the week.  The timing of this bad news is ironic claims Bridge general manager Daryl Henline. "We’ve spent considerable time and money thus far in delivering a Planning submission and developing building plans for the project.  Ironically, on the verge of this activity to bring our facility into compliance, we have been served with a “Notice to Vacate” all occupied units in the facility by January 6, 2014.  This applies to tenants in all arts, music and workspace units at Bridge as well as our gallery," said Henline of the space he manages. Henline admits that under his management that the space - a mix of storage units and converted art spaces with the rented storage spaces' rents covering the costs of the art spaces that are currently occupied by 25 artists and  a variety of musicians in 6 rehearsal rooms - did not go about things in the correct manner. "We should have gone through proper channels, obtaining required approvals and permits before embarking on this new use for our facility," he said adding that the long term goal is to have a total of 40 art studios and 10 music rooms all for low income artists in Richmond.

"We offer free or low cost space in our gallery for community groups and exhibitions such as Pro Arts Open Studios, The Art of Living Black Studio Tour, Richmond Food Policy Council, Santa Fe Neighborhood Council Events, bike repair workshops, mosaic workshops, art classes and community garage sales just to name a few. We promote these functions at our expense because they bring people together," said Henline in a prepared statement. Reportedly ArtSpace is fully self-funded from the cash flow provided by the
existing storage business with no public or private arts grants and asks the public (especially Richmond CA residents) to support them with vocal support by writing to Michelle Seville at Richmond’s Arts and Culture Commission  at and CC to And if you go to today's bell ringing celebration 1pm to 4pm (with coffee at noon) where you can find out more information. The Bridge Storage and Artspace is off 580 on the way to the Richmond San Rafael Bridge (about two miles from the Richmond BART) at 23 Maine Ave, Richmond CA, 94804

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