New Vinyl/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 1/29/14 - Actress, Evil Fred, Steve Moore, Container and more!

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Actress - Ghettoville


Ghettoville Box Set LP

Werk Discs

The fourth official full-length from British polymath Actress has the producer less focused on traditional rhythms than ever, opting instead for a bleak council estate ambiance. Many of these tracks, such as opener, Forgiven, plod along slowly like a Western score reimagined as gritty urban synth music. Still Actress lets his obvious melodic talents drip sparingly, as seen on the insular funk jam Birdcag . Much of the material explores the DJ Screw influenced territory he explored on his otherworldy remix of Legowelt's  Elements of Houz Music.

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Evil Fred - Get On

Evil Fred

Get On 12"

H2 Recordings

Heavy, retro-tinged dj tools. The title track is heavy kick, vocal cut-up woodshedding along the lines of the Head High eps. An insouciant organ riff holds it all together. The B, Back Out, is for a little later in the evening, with a beautiful hypnotic piano chord propelling the track along.

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Steve Moore - Zen Spiders

Steve Moore

Zen Spiders/Laxwana 12"

Future Times

Is there a more consistent synth journeyman than Steve Moore? Going back to the Zombi days, there is nary a dud in SM's catalog, and his synth-heavy/drum-light music has fit nicely on LIES, Spectrum Spools, Death Waltz and more. The rejuvenated Future Times snatches two of Moore's more rhythmic constructions for this twelve. Zen Spiders' trickling arpeggio and spacious pads are backed by a simple bassline and 4/4. The b, Laxwana, comes of like a more delicate version of Pye Corner Audio's analog rhythm tracks. 

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Container - Adhesive


Adhesive 12"

Liberation Technologies

Ren Schofield continues his scorched earth campaign. On his first outing for Mute's adventurous subsidiary Liberation Technologies, Container goes harder than ever. This one coaxes leads out of the unlikeliest places. Opener Glaze  forms a melody out of the feedback you hear when you unplug a chord from an input source, while the title track uses a chaotic, sirenic lead of unknown origin. Tough noise techno, doesn't let up.

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Elizabeth Merrick-Jefferson - Quetzalcoatl


Elizabeth Merrick-Jefferson

Quetzalcoatl 12"

Crimes of the Future

Detroit producer Elizabeth Merrick-Jefferson emerged from virtual obscurity with her twelve for Argot last year. Plenty more where that came from, and Timothy J. Fairplay and Scott Fraser were wise to pick her up for their new Crimes of the Future label. The title track here is absolutely brilliant, with the delicate touch and invocation to move of the best Carl Craig productions.

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Pangaea - Fabrilive 73


Fabriclive 73 CD


The Hessle crew has proved themselves to be among the more tuned-in sifters of the post-bass dance music landscape, and this mix from Pangaea can now stand alongside Ben UFO's various mixes as a summary of where we are now. It helps that Pangaea begins the mix with his unreleased Recreational Slumming, a excellent mid-tempo slapper that fits in alongside idiosyncratic Hessle releases of recent vintage. Elsewhere, Pangaea explores the fringes of the US/UK underground, dropping Lee Gamble, Sun God (Hieroglyphic Being) and memorably, the exposure mix of Speedy J's Something For Your Mind.

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Jack Murphy - Reference 04

Jack Murphy

Reference 04 12"


Deep techno on Jack Murphy's second outing for Reference. Roughly, these tracks combine the ominous percussive feel of an Ostgut or Stroboscopic Artefacts release,with the 1,000 yard stare feeling engendered by the dubiness and pads of Donato Dozzy's work. Recommended.

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LUMEN, JAY: I House U 12" 

OHARA, RAZ: Moksha LP 
ENCHANTE: NT/I Want It 12" 
SIT: Get This EP 12" 
TIGER & WOODS: Tool Kit for Winter Fitness EP 2x10" 
PATCHWORKS: Give My Love 10" 
AND: Kundalini 12" 
PALESE, DODI: Hun Kal EP 12" 
ONRA: 1.0.8 LP 
REVOLUTION FRANCAISE: Translocomotion/Discocorico 12" 
VA: The Sound of Belgium Vinyl Sampler 4/10 12" 
VA: The Sound of Belgium Vinyl Sampler 5/10 12" 
VA: The Sound of Belgium Vinyl Sampler 9/10 12" 
VA: The Sound of Belgium Vinyl Sampler 10/10 12"
ETS (FEAT. JAMIE LIDELL): Midas Touch 12" 
VA: Lewdandloud 002 12" 
SANTE: Need This EP 12"
AZZANOVA (FEAT. BEN WESTBEECH): I Can See (Konstantin Sibold Remix) 10" (
FENGLER, MARCEL: Remixes 12"
HELM: The Hollow Organ 12" 
PARKER, MIKE: Subterranean Liquid EP 12" 
RIROM: RiRom 12" 
BUS: Eagles LP+CD 
LUCY: Churches Schools and Guns 3LP 
RODRICK, HENRY: Don't Believe 12"
Actress: Paint, Straw And Bubbles 12"
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