2014 Forecast: Music I'm fantasizing about / looking forward to this year

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Now that 2013 is over and done with it's time look forward to a new year and new music. Here are some future releases and dream pieces I'm particularly stoked for:

Various Artists - Killed by Deathrock, Vol. 1
(Sacred Bones) 

I. Love. Compilations! Especially when they are lovingly assembled over long periods of time by obsessive crate diggers. This is one such collection, compiled by the Sacred Bones Records founder Caleb Braaten, born of a love for exhuming rare tracks from barely-heard and in some cases "un-Googleable" Post-Punk, Deathrock, and Dark Punk ensembles. Began in 2007, this passionate piece of dedicated Deathrock devotion is finalized and finally seeing the light. Note: the LP is limited to 150 pressed on pink vinyl so, like, be ready to snatch yours up. Out January 21st.

Cibo Matto - Hotel Valentine

It'll be impossible for single party people to suffer a sad and lonely Valentine's Day in 2014 because Cibo Matto's first new album in fifteen years, Hotel Valentine, drops on February 14th! And they're making it an extra sexy release what with the limited first press made on clear/cream vinyl. The album itself is kind of of a concept centered around a of love hotel or something, but the usual zany grooves, random raps, funky breaks, Sci-Fi wasabi, jazzy interludes, island flava and extended dance jams make this album feel like their excellent last album, Stereo Type A, wasn't released as long ago as 1999. I mean, are the 90s back or does the Cibo Matto sound possess an infallible timelessness? Yes, and it's about time. 

Check out the vid for MFN:

Fantasizing new J.New
Question: when are we going to get some new material from Joanna Newsom already? The Nevada City singer-songwriter has lately teased her fanbase with four new songs from what many are speculating to be an impending 2014 release. These new songs vary between wonderful harp and piano compositions, but the magic of her impeccable lyricism remains a constant and visceral beacon of enchantment, especially when exploring said new songs via crappy audio recordings and unstable hand-held video footage and from her recent performances. So that you won't opt to pop a dramamine and don some magnets to sit through videos I've reduced these 'Tube links so that you can appreciate these low-quality recordings of new Newsom songs free from motion sickness almost as much as you'll be anticipating her new record after hearing them. 

[I'm pretty sure none of these titles are official]

Joanna Newsom - "The Diver's Wife" [live at the Warfield in San Francisco June 25, 2012]

Joanna Newsom - "Look and Despair" [live at the Treasure Island Festival, October 14, 2012]

Joanna Newsom- "What We Are Allowed" [live at Pitchfork Music Festival, July 19, 2013]

Joanna Newsom - "Half A Day" [live at the Pitchfork Music Festival, July 19, 2013]

Waiting for JP
Similarly on the singer-songwriter folk-babe tip, I'm practically rabid for some new tracks from Jessica Pratt and I've got a feeling 2014 is lookin' good for her. If you dig around the webs you can find a whole bunch of recordings, live shows, and other miscellany to take the edge off waiting for the follow-up to most exquisite debut, but nothing quite satisfies like putting the needle to a record and listen-flip-listen-flip-listening to your heart's content. In the meantime, here are two of my favorite JP compositions that have yet to be officially released (i.e. wax pressed): "I've Got A Feeling"...

Linda Perhacs - The Soul of all Natural Things 
(Asthmatic Kitty)

Again, with much affection directed to the women whose singular visions and meticulous plucking skills keep my folk dreams spinning infinitely, the legendary Linda Perhacs is releasing her sophomore effort -- nearly 44 years after Parallelograms -- this March 4th on Sufjan Stevens' label. The record features contributions from Julia Holter and Nite Jewel's Ramona Gonzalez and if we can take any clues from the below video, this album will sound as ageless and prismatic as ever. "If you centre yourself in something that is eons old, you line yourself up with the highest vibrations in the universe: more light within, more inspiration within, more love within," says she. Way to bring the balance back.

Video for "Freely"

Fresh Sandwitches
photo by Rachel Walther

Good, good news: The Sandwitches are releasing a new album soon! While there is very little no information available yet regarding an official release date (or any other details, really), it is certain that they recorded material for a third full-length album quite some time ago and the photos you see above are promo proof of an impending drop. This is likely to be the last we hear of The Sandwitches for a while (maybe ever), but nothing can stifle the excitement of knowing there be new sounds from this bewitching trio on the horizon.

Trust - Joyland 
(Arts & Crafts)

Toronto artist Robert Alfons' much beloved electro-goth synth-pop project Trust is set to release Joyland on March 4th,  the follow up to his terrific 2012 downcast danse macabre of a debut, TRST. Having toured extensively, shattering hearts and garnering high praise from the likes of Pitchfork, Fader, Vice, Stereogum and the NME just to name a few, Alfons has set the bar mighty high indeed for Joyland. However, his work is of such quality that even if the record somehow fails to live up to such lofty expectations it is likely that it'll be better than the average "eruption of guts, eels, and joy" out there, to quote the press release. For a similarly vague taste of Joyland, see this:

Various Artists - Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles
(Numero Group)

I've already achieved maximum dork status for this when I wrote it up in November but -- dammit -- I cannot waaaiiit! Bring on this chalice, this heavy 666-sided die of underground heavy metal wizard rock so dank you'd think it'd been sealed in a 70s grave. In fact, one of the song titles included in this collection is "Sealed in a Grave" -- too muuuch! But wait, there's more! There's "Slave of Fear" by Stone Axe, "Black Wizard" by Medusa, "Spectre" by Dark Star, "King of the Golden Hall" by Stonehenge, "Warlord" by Wrath, and many more! [Gimme gimme gimme already] 

Various Artists - I Saved Latin: A Tribute to Wes Anderson
(American Laundromat)

Well, isn't this cute? A double CD tribute to Wes Anderson's film soundtracks featuring 23 artists covering a sampling of songs heard in Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, Royal Tenenbaums, Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Darjeeling Limited, and Fantastic Mr. Fox -- it's kind of a small miracle that a project like this isn't already said and done. Big name indie acts, like Black Francis, for one, are buttressed by contributions from criminally lesser known bands, like Tele Novella, so this has potential to be a round-trip nostalgia rocket aiming you towards your new favorite band. That, or this'll be the hot new item on the corporate coffee POS trendcap [please, no]. Anyway, here's to hoping for the best for 2014!

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