New "What's In My Bag?" Episode With Woodkid

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In the world of creativity, Yoann Lemoine is a renaissance man. The French born director turned singer-songwriter is turning heads with every new project he takes on. Known for directing well-crafted music videos for Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swiftand Drake, Lemoine is also an accomplished photographer, graphic desinger and illustrator. Growing up in a musical home, the move from behind tha camera to behind the mic was organic. With a keen eye for sleek directing and a strong ear for grand, plush production, the stage was set for Lemoine to introduce the world to Woodkid. Under this moniker, Lemoine performs neofolk/experimental pop music both singing and producing tracks. Woodkid Golden

His debut album, The Golden Age, is an autobiographical work about his childhood. The album utilizes layers of real live strings coupled with synthesized orchestration giving both an analog feel with digital clarity. Vocally he sounds reminescent of Morrissey and some critics might say it makes for a modern take on The Smiths. He's got a little something for everyone. The hip hop heads dig it, goths and electronic fans eat it up, and even the classically trained musician can appreciate the beautifully layered arrangements. The kid is good. He directs all his videos in his signature black and white look, shot in high definition for maximum sharpness. The fomula for his visuals creates a very nolstalgic feel and gives you a sense of the past and the future all at once.

Amoeba's "What's In My Bag?" crew spent a little time with this super creative artist while on a recent shopping visit to the Hollywood store. He picks up Dr. Strangelove on Blu-ray by one of his favorite directors, the iconic Stanley Kubrick. Also on Blu-ray, Woodkid picks up the 1927 sci-fi classic film Metropolis. This re-release is a restored version presented by Giorgio Moroder. Lemoine also grabs the new John Legend release, Love In The Future, and talks about working with the singer. He rounds out his picks with some Simon & Garfunkel and a new Francis Ford Coppola film.

Check out our latest episode of "What's In My Bag?" with Woodkid below:

Woodkid - What's' In My Bag
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Woodkid performing live at the Electronics Beats Festival in Dresden - 2013


Woodkid - Iron (Official Music Video)

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