Amoeba SF & Berkeley's 10 Best In-Stores of 2013

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As we all know (because we're living the history as it's being made), the music industry has changed
best coast amoeba san francisco
Best Coast plays Amoeba SF
dramatically in the past decade and continues to do so rapidly. Everyone still loves music, but the concept of ownership, collecting, and procuring music is constantly evolving for all of us. No matter how you prefer to get music -- in the cloud, on vinyl or CD, downloaded -- one thing hasn't changed; the best way to experience music is live and in the flesh. The Experience of being part of a live performance, giving energy from the audience to the musician while they play their hearts out, can't be stored on any device. You just have to live it. We here at Amoeba Music consider it paramount to continue to provide live entertainment in our stores and keep Experience alive.

Amoeba San Francisco and Berkeley were particularly blessed with great in-store performances in 2013. From legends like Nik Turner, Billy Bragg, and Camper Van Beethoven to new faces on the scene like Lissie and Bastille, each and every show was a fantastic reminder of how thrilling live music can be.  It was daunting to have to pick just ten of these shows, but here they are in reverse chronological order...Amoeba SF and Berkeley's ten best in-stores of 2013!
-- Lee Ranaldo In-Store Guitar Clinic, 12/11/2013, San Francisco
Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo amazed and mystified the audience with nearly a half-hour of continuous guitar mastery, at the end of which he finally looked up and asked, "Any questions?" Lee was in town with his project Lee Ranaldo and the Dust.

lee ranaldo amoeba
More Lee Ranaldo photos HERE.

-- Lissie, 12/07/2013, San Francisco
This one almost didn't happen due to inclement weather! Lissie and her band were stuck in Oregon under piles of snow, but Lissie was able to fly to SF and deliver a special solo acoustic show just for Amoeba SF and her fans.

Lissie Amoeba San Francisco
More Lissie photos HERE.

-- Nik Turner's Hawkwind, 11/23/2013, San Francisco
Hawkwind legend Nik Turner blew us away with his special brand of space rock. SF will never be the same.

nik turner hawkwind san francisco amoeba
More Nik Turner's Hawkwind photos HERE.

-- Converse Rubber Tracks Presents...
Golden Void, 11/01/2013, San Francisco
Hot Lunch, 10/04/2013, San Francisco

Ok, now I'm getting a two-for-one deal, but I'm putting the Hot Lunch and Golden Void shows together because they were both brought to us by the good folks at Converse Rubber Tracks, who recorded these awesome SF heavy hitters!

Golden Void Amoeba San Francisco hot lunch amoeba san francisco
More Golden Void photos HERE. More Hot Lunch photos HERE.

-- Best Coast, 10/23/2013, San Francisco
Best Coast packed the house (we have a very large house!), thrilling over 500 fans with new songs off their EP Fade Away, and with older favorites like "Boyfriend."

Best Coast Amoeba SF
More Best Coast photos HERE.

-- Billy Bragg, 10/05/2013, San Francisco
Punk troubador Billy Bragg treated his fans at Amoeba SF to a live performance of the entire Life's a Riot with Spy Vs. Spy album!

Bill Bragg Amoeba San Francisco
More Billy Bragg photos HERE.

-- Bastille, 9/19/2013, Berkeley

Actually, Amoeba was lucky enough to have TWO Bastille appearances this past year in the Bay Area! The guys also joined us at Amoeba SF for a signing of Haunt on July 22nd. After Bad Blood released, they came back for a full show at the Berkeley store.

Bastille Amoeba Berkeley San Francisco
More Bastille photos HERE.
-- Talib Kweli, 9/14/2013, San Francisco
Celebrating the release of his latest album, Prisoner of Consciousness, Talib Kweli graced our San Francisco stage with a performance and signing before jetting over to rock Rock The Bells.

talib kweli san francisco amoeba
More Talib Kweli photos HERE.

-- Pretty Lights, 8/8/13, San Francisco 
Electronic music wiz Pretty Lights worked his mixing magic for a crowd of over 700 dancing fans at Amoeba SF, just a month after the release of his latest, A Color Map of the Sun.

pretty lights amoeba san francisco
More Pretty Lights photos HERE.

-- Yo La Tengo, 1/19/2013, San Francisco
We started 2013 off right with an in-store performance with Yo La Tengo, who packed Amoeba SF to capacity! The band signed their latest album, Fade, for hundreds of fans.

yo la tengo amoeba san francisco
More Yo La Tengo photos HERE

Check out all our in-store photos and videos on our Live At Amoeba page!


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