New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 12/4/13 - KWC 92, Dj Stringray, Function and more!

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KWC 92 - Dream of the Walled City


KWC 92

Dream of the Walled City OST LP


Brilliant imaginary Soundtrack by Samo DJ Max Stenerudh, which seems to score an imperialist drama. The sounds within are closer to the bamboo drums and razor sharp synths of 80s Japan - music that sounds otherworldly and futuristic 30 years later. One of LIES most adventurous and most musical releases, not much for the non warm-up set dj here, simply a beautiful concept album. Recommended.

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Kim Brown - Somewhere Else It's Going to be Good

Kim Brown

Somewhere Else It's Going to be Good 2x12"

Just Another Beat

Brooding, virtuosic house from Kim Brown. Brown allures the listener with an equal understanding of rough Chicago inspired rhythms and a pristine high-end melodic sense reminiscent of early Border CommunityCamera Moves is a great example - starting with plaintive ambient synths before introducing an absolute monster melodic bassline which stretches out for eight bars. The bittersweet tone of the record will appeal to fans of Dial's leading lights.

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Magic Mountain High - Live at Freerotation 2012


Magic Mountain High

Live at Freerotation 2012 CD


Full document of the trio's transportative set from the intimate and invite-only UK festival. Beyond the group's Soundcloud generosity (they often upload full sets) this official release acts as the most concise distillment of the group's freewheeling, all-improve boldness. A true anomaly among Ableton sculptors, Juju and Jordash and Move D go through the massive undertaking of setting up a studio's worth of analog gear and go to space.

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Pacific Horizons - Bandini

Pacific Horizons

Bandini 12"

Pacific Wizard Foundation

New tunes for high-particle sunset from Pacific Horizons. All three tracks here display a refreshing taste for live instrumentation, with live synth, electric bass and heavily effected guitar living alongside drum machines on the title track. Working in Four even features a jazzy piano solo to nuance the dubbed out balearic feel.

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Dj Stringray Assassin


Dj Stringray/Vin Sol

Assassin/Edges of a Vortex 12"

Unknown to the Unknown

Red-hot UTTU continues to ride for classic electro with their endorsement of the UR-affiliated DJ Stringray. They're lucky to release material this strong. Assassin is an impossibly funky  techno/electro jam that will toughen up house sets or lend elasticity to techno-oriented journeys. Vin Sol's contribution is a strong Chicago/NYC classic house jam with an arpeggiated bassline and insistent horns.

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Baris K. - 200 RemixesBaris K.

200 Remixes 12"

Emotion Especial

The dj known for clever edits of Turkish Psychedelic music and outre rocks works with highly skilled musicians to make a completely original production channeling those influences. The original is terrific, pairing traditional Turkish vocals with a house/disco indebted bassline. The Asphodells are a nice pick for remixers as their dubby post-punk carries a defined Eastern influence. The remix by new production duo Khidja may be the highlight, a total afrobeat/kraut/synth trip with mostly live instrumentation. The remix ends with the original's bassline against hand-percussion - a quiet ending to an epic journey.

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Function - Remixes



Remixes 12"

Ostgut Ton

Terrific versions of tracks from Function's excellent Incubation album. Rrose's remix of Against the Wall is his heaviest side since his collab with Bob OstertagVatican Shadow lends his trademark brooding pulse to Psychic WarfareRecondite and NSI's takes are also featured.

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New/ this week:

VA: Cosmic Machine: A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (1970-1980) (Standard Gatefold Edition) 2LP+CD 
COULTON, ALEX: Murda/Break Pressure 12" 
DJ RED: Eyes Are Blind 12"
PYROLATOR: Pyrolator's Wunderland LP 
FAUST & OMAR RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ: Live at Clouds Hill 10" 
SAWLIN & SUBJECTED: Foreign Awake Part 1 12" 
DARE, DOUGLAS: Seven Hours 10" 
BRODERICK, PETER: Float 2013 Addendum 7" 
IVVVO: Light Moving 12"
MSSINGNO: Mssingno EP 12" 
ABSTRAXION: Break of Lights CD 
MUMDANCE & LOGOS: Genesis EP 12" 
SP-X: Circuit Breaker EP 12"
VA: Luv.Ten 12" 
FLOORPLAN: Phobia EP 12" 
COHEN, CHARLES: Group Motion LP 
MATHIMIDORI: Ame Ga Furu EP 12" 
FUNCTION: Remixes 2x12" 
LORD OF THE ISLES: 301C Symphony 12" 
LAKE PEOPLE: Uneasy Hiding Places 12" 
SKUDGE: Irie/Faux 12" 
GUIDO: Moods of Future Joy 2LP 
J:KENZO: Magneto (Feel It)/TVR 12" 
BEPOTEL: Kikkerkelik 12"
GUNNER, TROY: Communicate EP 12"