This Guy's In Love With You

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Herb Albert & The Tijuana Brass-"This Guy's In Love With You"
From the album, The Beat Of The Brass
Written By
Burt Bacharach and Hal David

This song brings back my earliest childhood memories.

 My sisters were old enough to attend school and I was still too young, even for the Head Start program. I stayed with my mother as she worked from home sewing wedding dresses for a bridal shop in Gardena. To keep her company, she would put the radio on a easy listening station that was dominated by Burt Bacharach compositions.

She let me play in the backyard without supervision, which helped her get all those dresses cut, sewed and tailored. Sometimes I’d play with my Hot Wheels or play with the dog. Most of the time, however, I just lay on my back staring at the sky, in the uncut grass that my father never had time to mow. The winter days looked like the end of time, on the brink of a biblical downpour. The mild spring days were so bright and unspoiled as the eyes that stared into it. 

I was a well-behaved child. I never gave my mother grief, nor did anything idiotic to take her attention from her task at hand. It wasn’t because I was obedient, but I knew very early on if I wanted to be left alone in my thoughts I had to be quiet. No busy parent disturbs a quiet child.

I loved the fact that she left me alone with my thoughts and allowed me to interpret what the hell these Burt Bacharach songs were all about?

There was that song "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" that said ” What do you get when you kiss a guy? you get enough germs to catch pneumonia” I didn’t know what pneumonia was but it sounded bad, like that ammonia that my mother said not to touch. 

I didn’t like “The Look Of Love” because it sounded painful. It was in your eyes, like the long eyelashes that I was cursed with which would put me into instant paralysis if they broke off and fell into my eyelids.

For some reason I understood “This Guy’s In Love With You”, even if it was years before I would experience love and it’s many obstacles.. Although I took the heavy-handed “Say you’re in love, and you’ll be my girl, If not, I’ll just die” as a threat of suicide rather than a heartbreak. For that reason, the song scared me a bit and I wondered why my mother would sing along to such a scary song. 

"This Guy's In Love In Love" was a number one hit for Herb Albert in 1968. His only other number one hit song was an instrumental,  
"Rise" in 1979. He is the only person to have two separate number one hits as a vocalist as well as an iinstrumentalist.

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