New York State of Mind Amoeblog #55: Next NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, NYC Supreme Court Building

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New York County Supreme Court building at 60 Centre Street, Downtown Manhattan

The talk in New York City today is all about the result of yesterday's mayoral election in which, for the first time in 20 years, there will be a Democrat in the mayor's office with the landslide victory of Bill de Blasio. With the odds stacked in his favor (68% to 23%) de Blasio squarely beat Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota - making him the first Democrat mayor in the Big Apple following a combined five consecutive terms for Republicans (three for Michael Bloomberg and two for Rudy Guiliani) . Surrounded by his family and supporters at a victory party in Park Slope, Brooklyn last night de Blasio said "Make no mistake: The people of this city have chosen a progressive path, and tonight we set forth on it, together.” 

De Blasio's win is seen as a clear cry for change from the citizens of a city that are tired and frustrated with such things as the ever growing division between the rich and the poor of New York, the NYPD's over the top aggressive policing tactics (namely the controversial, racial profiling "Stop and Frisk" policy), and the increasingly large lack of affordable housing for most working New Yorkers. In short de Blasio firmly positioned himself as the mayor who would make a clean break from the Bloomberg/Giuliani years in which the city was seen as cozying up with big business at the expense of the little guy/the average New Yorker and his election win is a loud rejection to the tough, business-minded style that ruled City Hall since 1990. During that time NYC was seen as becoming "Disneyfied" or "the Mall of America" or a playground for the 1%. De Blasio, who famously as a young liberal supported the Sandinistas and more recently (albeit during the mayoral campaign) supported the staff and patients at the Long Island College Hospital that faced closure and, during that July protest, got arrested along with other protesters. This and his outspoken disapproval of the NYPD's frisking policies struck a nerve with New Yorkers who overwhelmingly voted him into office. Once he takes office he promises to effect a sweeping liberal agenda that will include among other big changes a substantial tax increase on top earners to pay for universal pre-kindergarten and improved police-community relations. Essentially de Blasio and his administration will try and turn back the clock on NYC and undo much of what the previous two mayors did. Can he do this without sacrificing too many positives remains to be to seen. And what happens over the next four years in New York City will be interesting to witness unfold. Stay tuned.

Recap of last years Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival - This year's will be even bigger

Already in its sixth year the Annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, which takes place this extended weekend at various venues in on North 6th Street and the surrounding blocks in the heart of Williamsburg from November 8th to 10th, has grown substantially since its inception in 2007 and blossomed into a most impressive electronic music gathering with a balanced mix of underground and "superstar" status DJs and performers booked for the three day event that has a kick off pre-party tomorrow, Thursday Nov 7th, at Output Club featuring the Skreamizm party. Then over the following three days at six venues the long list of DJs/performers at the festival will includePete Tong, Skream (pictured left), John Digweed, Todd Terje, Mathias Kaden, Kastle, Kasper Bjorke, Steve Rachmad, Vin Sol, DJ Spun, Kaytranada,  MK, Tensnake, and Salva. For more information on complete list of acts and venues and times visit the official website BrooklynEMF and get tickets here.  Also on that official festival website link they will announce the time of the official #BEMF Boiler Room which organizers boast is a "globally respected secret location live video stream of top tier DJs" for those who cannot make to the festival to view.listen online.

At the top of this page is a photo I snapped recently of a building seen in many NYC based TV detective shows: The Supreme Court of the State of New York building that is all the way downtown Manhattan on Centre Street opposite Foley Square. It is one of 62 branches of the New York Supreme Court that are dotted around the State but it is the biggest. There is a branch of the New York Supreme Court in each of New York State's 62 counties.  There are 13 judicial districts in the State of New York with each of the five boroughs of New York City being in its own district. And, on a totally different topic, below is a car I spotted midtown recently with an owner with either A) a great sense of humor +/or B) one who has lost hope of ever having a nice new looking car again while living in a crowded urban environment like New York City. The owner (assuming it was not graffitied on there by someone else) had tagged, in Sharpie, reasons why each part of his dented auto was damaged with locations to where said damage took place. These pics represent two of the many blemishes to his/her vehicle.

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