Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Halloween Week 2013: E-Lit, Ensemble Mik Nawooj, Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic), Casual vs Eminem, Wolf Haley

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Hip-Hop Top Five Amoeba Music Berkeley Week End Nov 1st, 2013

1) Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic)  Bend But Don't Break (Weightless Recordings)

2) Quelle Chris  Ghost At The Finish Line (Mello Music/Fat Beats)

3) Jon Wayne Rap Album One (Stones Throw)

4) Ohmega Watts Pieces of a Dream (Mellow Orange)

5) Jel Late Pass (Anticon)

Above is the latest Amoeba hip-hop top five chart plus video of Amoeba Berkeley's E-Lit in costume recorded last night (Halloween) before the store closed early for the holiday. As E-Lit noted the new Jon Wayne Rap Album One (as distinct from his instrumental output) is just out on Stones Throw Records and is available on vinyl too. Other new vinyl releases include LA based longtime Detroit hip-hop ambassador House Shoes who just released the two record set "based around J-Dilla" House Shoes Presents the King Jam Version: Chapter One Verses One - Four. Ohmega Watts, whose last albums were on Ubiquity, have just released Pieces of a Dream on Mellow Orange.  The number one album is the return of Greenhouse - Blueprint and Illogic's Bend But Don't Break featuring tracks such as "Microwave America" below. 

Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) "Microwave America" (2013)

Oakland based hip-hop orchestra Ensemble Mik Nawooj are live at Yoshi's in Oakland tonight doing a late show set in which they will perform their unique "hybrid" classical fused take on hip-hop. Formed a few years ago with encouragement from local longtime emcee Kirby Dominant, and having gone through several lineup changes, they've released a series of singles and are working on their debut full length that will drop sometime in 2014. Recently over at KALX radio in Berkeley I ran into two of the main guys behind the ensemble: founder and music director JooWan Kim, and vocalist/producer Christopher Nicholas with whom he co-founded the Golden Fetus Records label. In the video interview below they talk a bit about their group's history, its unusual musical structure, and what to expect at tonight's 10pm concert at Yoshi's Oakland. $15 at door.  Tix and info here.


Hieroglyphics member Casual got into a creative (rap) battle this week when, in response to Eminem's recent single "#RapGod," the longtime Oakland emcee took umbrage to the famed white rapper using the moniker he's been using for a while. The beef was executed in a friendly manner a few days ago when via the 2DopeBoyz website Casual unveiled as a free download his remix of Eminem's latest single. "There are many Rapgod’s but I am #Rapgod, The Divine Manifestation, The Supreme Incarnation Of Lyrical Divinity. #Rapgod in the flesh. A True And Living #Rapgod….. It’s about receiving your deification and your veneration before your expiration. The Council Of The Rapgods was informed that Eminen was self-declared to be amongst the ranks of the Rapgods, rightfully so might I add, Nothing wrong with that, except Casual is The True And Living #Rapgod, afterwhich it has be canonized by The Highest Hierarchy Of Angels, By The Neteru, By The Highest Hip Hop Dignitaries and Rap Seminarians, that others shall go the entire professional duration and not be adorned with this Holy Epithet," rapped Casual over Eminen's instrumental. So far no word from Eminem's side but the artist did just release another single over the past week - the song "Love Game" featuring Kendrick Lamar. Like "Rap God" that song is also from the anticipated new Eminem album The Marshall Mathers LP2 - due out next week on 11/5/13.


Wolf Haley (Tyler, The Creator) directed the video above for an anonymous solo artist entitled "Glowing." This is the updated official version of the video for the artist signed to Harvest Records.

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