New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 11/20 - Axel Boman, DJ Harvey, Jovonn and more!

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Axel Boman - Family Vacation


Axel Boman

Family Vacation LP

Studio Barnhus

Outstanding full-length statement from the young Swedish producer. The record maintains a melancholic, bittersweet tone reminiscent of classic Kompakt releases, while maintaining the adroit, joyful sample work of Detroit house. The record's first single is the excellent Fantastic Piano, which bears out the Cologne/Detroit connection, yet the album's clever pacing and dynamics include moody Rhodes on Barcelona and the sad carnival music of Animal Lovers. A  fulfilling journey.

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DJ Harvey

Sarcastic Study Masters Vol. 2 CD


Reissue of the 2001 mix that positioned Harvey as the fearless and rightful heir to Danielle Baldelli's cosmic legacy. What's fascinating about revisiting this record some 12 years later, is the Venice dj's unquestionable role in the revival of many of the track's contained. Antena's Camino Del Sol emerges early in the mix with its lackadaisical brilliance. Holger Czukay and other legends whose late period work is well-suited for moonlight beach parties appear throughout. Transportative. 

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Mark E - Black Country Roots

Mark E

Black Country Roots 12"

Running Back

Mark E  returns with an outstanding disco house ep on Running Back. Opening The King's Hearth possesses the insouciant organ bounce that has made Arthur Russell's Dinosaur L  material lasting classics. The rest of the ep seems loosely organized around a driving or road trip theme, with cosmic sirens ringing throughout the title track and Midland Nights . The sirens are even included as a bonus sound effect.

Black Country Roots 12"


Jovonn - House Ala CarteJovonn

House Ala Carte 12"

Clone Classic Cuts

Timely garage house reissue from Clone. All of these tracks are infinitely playable, perhaps more so today then anytime since their conception. The highlight here is the classic I Can't Make Up My Mind, Jovonn's ode to club confusion where his voice is a paradoxically cathartic monotone.

House Ala Carte 12"



Marquis Hawkes - Sex, Drugs and House

Marquis Hawkes

Sex, Drugs & House 12"

Dixon Avenue Basement Jams 

Raw, ghetto-house indebted tracks from Marquis Hawkes and the bubbling Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Hawkes gets diverse on this one, beginning with the nimble roll of Big Papa, before hitting the cowbell heavy Get Your Ass of My Grass, which gets way more than you would think possible out of a silly vocal sample. The record's  highlight is Hold On, an accomplished and soulful vocal track.

Sex, Drugs & House 12"


Spike - Orange Cloud Nine


Orange Cloud Nine CD

Orange Cloud Nine LP

Golf Channel

Brilliant dig from Golf Channel. Orange Cloud Nine  compiles the best recordings from Spike Wolfers - a bedroom pop genius from the Netherlands who issued several holy grail private press records between 1981 and 1984. The difference between this record and most reissues is that it holds up against virtually anything released during that period. It's a clever combination of euro dub, classic rock striving and early, expansive new wave. Sometimes apes Eno's ambient triumphalism while Can You See Me sounds like a budget version of Pink Floyd's Fearless. Highly recommended. 

Orange Cloud Nine CD

Orange Cloud Nine LP


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