Meet the Dogs and Cats of Amoeba

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Amoeba is more than just pet-friendly. We're kind of nuts about animals here. Not only can shoppers bring in their pets any time, our staff's pets have become part of the family, wandering the halls of Amoeba and distracting us from our work with ridiculous cuteness.

October is Adopt-a-Dog Month, and we've got a number of activities planned. Amoeba Hollywood's annual Dog Costume Contest is on Halloween, Thursday Oct. 31, with DJ Foliero at 3 p.m. and the contest at 5 p.m. As well, Amoeba is accepting donations, including food, blankets and cleaning supplies, for a $3 off coupon, and Amoeba is sponsoring The Great Escape, a two-day (Oct. 20-21) pet adoption event happening at Fonda Theatre (6110 Hollywood Blvd.), a benefit show featuring Best Coast, Baby Alpaca and other pet-loving bands.

Amoeba SF on Halloween will have a DJ set of spooky tunes with DJ Kells Bells from 3-5 p.m., with a dog costume contest at 4 p.m.—enter for the chance to win an Amoeba gift certificate!

Amoeba stores close at 7 p.m. on Halloween. Read more about these events/efforts here.

Meet our dogs and cats below!

wilder amoeba
Owner: Kyle Blair-Henderson, Video Director
Wilder is a 4-year-old rat terrier/ladykiller. He'll snack on anything that Kyle's one-and-a-half-year-old daughter throws on the floor. He is aggressively affectionate. His superpower is his overactive tongue. Beware the mighty tongue of Wilder or you'll find yourself in a canine french kiss. His tongue is also a defense mechanism for any time he feels cornered. There is no situation he can't lick his way out of.
Fun Fact: Wilder is named after the great Billy Wilder and not as many have suggested Gene Wilder or Van Wilder.

cash amoeba


Owner: Heather Long, Design

Known as the "Xanax of Amoeba," Cash is a 4-year-old collie mix who can usually be found sleeping or nuzzling passersby at the Amoeba Hollywood marketing office.


Even The Hives showed Cash some love during their "What's In My Bag?" filming! (see photo below)









The Hives with Cash


lola smoochie amoeba cats

Lola & Smoochie

Owner: Audra Wolfman, Marketing & Promotions Director, Bay Area

Lola and Smoochie are sisters. They're about 4 years old and were found along with the rest of their litter in a park in San Francisco by some folks who rescue lots of stray cats from parks. They are likely Tortie Point Siamese mixes of some sort, and definitely have a lot to say about a lot of things, particularly kibble and eye contact. They really dig organic canned pumpkin, fighting over the cat condo that takes up most of the apartment, and walking on Audra while she tries to sleep.

dogs amoeba
Sadie & Moxie
Owner: Ilene Barg, Marketing/Special Projects
Sadie and Moxie are both doxiepoos. They are great pups. Moxie (left, brown) is 8 and Sadie (right, black) is 13. Sadie loves fresh fruit and vegetables; Moxie loves eating just about everything, especially the apples from the backyard. Moxie barks at EVERYTHING but doesn't beg. Sadie doesn't bark at everything but really begs a lot. Both dogs love being in bed.


melina amoeba


Owner: Kara Lane, Marketing/In-store Booking

Melina (aka Donut, aka Doglet) is a sassy chihuahua/terrier of about 9 years of age. She can usually be found lounging in the sun or dancing for treats, when she's not protecting the marketing office. Her favorite snack is cottage cheese. She loves playing fetch, and when she finishes, she walks the whole way home proudly with the ball in her mouth.

"I like to call her a Chihuahua/fruit bat mix, but there are many theories about her origin," says Kara, who crossed paths with Melina after she was brought into the Amoeba Hollywood store by her owner—a store regular—who had tragically lost his home and could not find a new one that would allow pets. But luckily, from frequenting Amoeba, this former owner knew just how much the staff there loved animals, so he left Melina with Amoeba to find the little one a new, permanent home.



wilma amoeba


Owner: Daniel Tures, Floor Manager

Wylma is a 5-year-old choodle (chihuahua poodle mix). She likes playing with her stuff pheasant, is very well-behaved (like a neurotic person) and her full name Wilma Superbutton Lancaster.













maria bamford dog amoeba


Owner: Lindsay Kraft,

Lily (pictured here with comedian Maria Bamford) is a 6-year-old shelter rescue and probably one of the best dogs in the U.S.A. She also serves as an unofficial therapy dog, along with Cash and Murphy, for Amoeba staffers. Lily is also a feminist and a foodie and her zodiac sign is Cancer. Her likes include chewing vintage shoes, the comfort of females, cake batter, things that squeak, warm laps, that song "These Days" by Nico, things covered in BBQ sauce, massages and nature. Her dislikes: wearing hats, mornings, flying insects, gender inequality, tomatoes, people who bump into you and don't say "excuse me," men with goatees, being late and her emotional eating habits.











amoeba dog

Vegas & Oley

Owner: Kristen Frederick, Buyer/Content Acquisition for

On the left is Levi Las Vegas. He’s 14 and a standard rat terrier. On the right is Oley Grrl, she’s a decker rat terrier and about to turn 2. Vegas has spent many hours at Amoeba and is a friend to all. Oley has been banned from Amoeba due to her bad attitude. She loves punk rock. Their favorite pastimes includie chasing bikes, motorcycles, skateboards, lizards, rodents, birds … really anything that moves.


dog amoeba


Owner: Roxanne Pettersen, New Product Manager, Amoeba Hollywood

Pogo is about 5 years old and is a chihuahua mix. Pogo thinks she's a cat, as she was raised with six of them. She loves to eat their snacks and dry food if she can find a way to get to them. Pogo got her name because of how high she can jump












amoeba dog


Owner: Melissa Logan, Manager/Marketing

Pierre is a chihuahua mix, 7 years young. His hobbies include screaming at squirrels, guarding the yard from squirrels, dreaming of catching squirrels and hating squirrels in general. He loves warm laundry, sunbathing, biting at the ocean, salads, tiny tennis balls and other mutts. ALSO LOOK AT HIM WRAPPED IN A TOWEL. (see photo below)





beach dog


















baby goo dog amoeba

Baby Goo

Owner: Melissa Rivera, Triple Trouble

Baby Goo is just over 1 year old. She loves digging into blankets, barking at the post man and pretty much creating a scene wherever she goes. She loves pan dulce and going on long walks. Don't get on her bad side, or she will nip at your ankles. She's a feisty one, but so loyal. She's the best greeter on the planet when coming home for a long day at work. She is the twinkle in Melissa's eye and her next tattoo. 






amoeba dogs

Rocco & Pee-Wee

Owner: Melissa Rivera

Brothers from the same mother, Rocco and Pee-Wee are the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum of this decade. Pee-Wee is all bark but no bite. Rocco is pretty chill but definitely has the loudest bark of the posse. Baby Goo is their sister, but she lets the two brothers do their brotherly bonding. They love watching "The Dog Whisperer" and "The Price is Right." They also enjoy their dog run in the backyard and hanging with the neighbor dog, Sebastian. Pee-Wee is obsessed with car rides, but Rocco gets car sick. Even though Melissa may stroll in after 2 a.m., she always finds Pee-Wee waiting up.



dogs amoeba

Gracie, Anderbo, & Alan

Owners: Maryann Baker, mezzanine manager, and Kim Pryor, sound dame, at Amoeba Hollywood

A trio of nusty mutts. Alan is an 8-year-old PitHuahua (yes, it can happen!). He takes his role as the man of the house very seriously and lives to eat anything that's left within his reach. He was once the denizen of the Amoeba loading dock while his Mom worked. Let loose at closing time, he rocketed through the aisles to release his explosive energy.

Anderbo (named after a "Golden Girls" bit) is some kind of young, high-strung jackal/rubber chicken mix. Don't even dare to glance at her or she'll be up in your face with a barrage of tongue. And she'll creep you out when she slowly sidles up to you and licks the back of your arm.

Gracie is around 4, and has no guile whatsoever. A self-propelled mop, she loves to collect stuff in her crazy hair and could spend an eternity having her belly rubbed. But just 'cause she rolls over for you doesn't mean she's a pushover. 

Together, they fight crime, keeping us all safe from mailmen and skateboards and gardeners.



thor amoeba


Semi-owner: Billy Gil, Blogger/Reviewer

Thor is not really Billy's cat—he's more of an uncle and occasional caretaker for his landlord's cat. Thor loves to sleep on the back porch, meow for treats and play cat-and-mouse, inching forward only to retreat when one tries to pet him. Though elusive, Thor is very loving. He greets Billy every day at the front gate and leads him in, as if walking a guest into his own cat-home.


And, last but not least, the newest addition to the Amoeba pet family ... WYATT!

wyatt amoeba



Wyatt is a puppy, obviously. He's an 8-week-old Aussie mix. It is literally impossible to get work done when he's around.


wyat on Make A Gif


Below, you'll see Wyatt sporting our new Amoeba dog T-shirt—yes, you read that correctly. Now your dog can be as cool as you are and show his or her Amoeba pride. They're smaller in size, perfect for small-to-mid-sized pups. They're $12.98 and available for a limited time.
amoeba dog t-shirt

To see more dressed up dogs—or if you want to dress up your own—come in on Halloween for the costume contest!


Read more about DOG ADOPTION DAY at Amoeba Hollywood Oct. 27.

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