Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week End 10.25.13: E-Lit, Cage, Armand Hammer, The Godfathers, Tanya Morgan, Mic Crenshaw & Dead Prez, + more

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Amoeba Music Berkeley Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: 10:25:13

1) Drake Nothing Was The Same (Cash Money)

2) Cage Kill The Architect (Eastern Conference)

3) Black Milk No Poison, No Paradise (Fat Beats)

4) Deltron 3030 Event II (Bulk Recordings)

5) Armand Hammer Race Music (Backwoodz)

Thanks to E-Lit at the Berkeley Amoeba Music store for supplying the latest top five chart at the Telegraph Ave. store and for doing an overview (in video above) of some of the new hip-hop releases to arrive in Amoeba recently. These include brand new chart entry from Cage - the long overdue album Kill The Architect - that was released on Tuesday this week and features production from DJ Mighty Mi ( from Philly hip-hop duo The High & Mighty) who released the album on his label Eastern Conference. As E-Lit noted the album (with cover by Antioch, CA born artist Alex Pardee) has "no guests" but is "one cohesive body of work." Another new release that dropped on Tuesday (October 22nd) is the Armand Hammer (NY emcee talents Billy Woods and Elucid) album Race Music that E-Lit has lots of good things to say about in the video above. However note that the Amoeba online price of the CD (free shipping in US) is lower than in the store. Buy here.

Other recent hip-hop releases include the latest (long awaited) new album from Tanya Morgan: Rubber Souls that arrived in Amoeba a month ago and features the track "Eulogy" - see the new video for this track below with more info on the new album that is available from Amoeba in both CD  and vinyl formats. Also below are new videos from both Mic Crenshaw featuring Dead Prez, and The Godfathers ( Kool G. Rap and Necro). Scroll down to see both and to read more on these artists and their respective releases.

Meanwhile hip-hop shows in the Bay Area in the week ahead include a not to miss show at Yoshi's on Sunday (Oct 27th) when the Pete Rock And CL Smooth Reunion Tour rolls through the Bay Area as part of the recently launched national tour. Should be a great show.Joining Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth on the bill (and on the tour) is Camp Lo who I saw in concert in NYC recently with Pete Rock and they were excellent so this should be a perfect double bill. Tickets for the 9:30pm show are $34 in advance or $39 at the door. More info here.

Mic Crenshaw “Superheroes (feat. Dead Prez)” (2013)

For Mic Crenshaw's teaming up with the Dead Prez project earlier this year, when back in the Spring the Chicago emcee collaborated with the politically charged group on the popular track 'Superheroes,' he has finally just unveiled an accompanying video for the track that is directed and produced by Payam Sadri and Kevin Hasenkopf of Salmon 109. As you will see from watching the video above it portrays “superheroes” not as special beings with super powers but rather everyday folks (heroes) who support their families, and navigate them in making the world a better place to live in. Like Dead Prez, Mic Crenshaw is a politically motivated hip-hop, and one who practices what he preaches. He started the non-profit Global Fam to help to setup and support a computer center in Burundi in central Africa where, over the past six years, the center has educated close to a thousand natives of this chronically poor nation with computer skills.

Tanya Morgan "Eulogy" (2013)

Above is the brand new video from the talented Brooklyn-and-Cincinnati hip-hop group Tanya Morgan. It is for the track "Eulogy" that is taken from their brand new album Rubber Souls that is produced entirely by 6th Sense. Noteworthy is that it is their first album since the acclaimed sophomore Brooklynati album back in 2009 and the first album since the departure of Tanya Morgan group member Ilyas.

But in his absence remaining members Donwill and Von Pea have, as witnessed in above video, held their own and the duo have ably picked up where they left off as a trio stylistically. They also invited some guests on the new album - likely to fill in the spaces left by Ilyas' departure - that include Spree Wilson, Outasight, and Rocki Evans of CharlieRED. Of Rubber Souls, that dropped four weeks ago, member Von Pea said that, "This album shows us stepping out of our comfort zone to great results." He's right: it's a real good album.

The Godfathers (Kool G Rap & Necro) "Heart Attack" (2013)

Not to be confused with the UK rock group The Godfathers from a couple of decades ago with the same name, the hip-hop group The Godfathers is the teaming up of hip-hop legend Kool G. Rap with Necro - known for his Psycho+Logical-Records lab and for rhyming alongside his brother Ill Bill, producing his own rap material as well as for such artists as Non-Phixion, Cage, and Raekwon. As The Godfathers they've formed a unique dark collaborative project and recorded an entire album entitled Once Upon A Crime that will be released on RBC/Pyscho+Logical-Records on November 19th and will include the lead single/video "Heart Attack" (above).

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