"Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination" Opens In San Jose Today

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The final stop of the acclaimed cross-country touring Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit opens in the Bay Area today at the Tech Museum in San Jose where, now through February 23rd, the large scale interactive exhibit is guaranteed to attract diehard and even casual Star Wars fans of all ages to check out such attractions as the R2-D2 robot, the Yoda figure, the various droids, and the war chest of lightsabers (to name but a few) are all on display in the 10,000-square-foot exhibition that has been winning rave reviews since it first went on tour several years ago. A joint production of the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute, and MIT exhibit is as its name implies more than a mere Comic Con type fanboy/fangirl event. Rather it is geared to educate science students with such hands-on high-tech items as a hovercraft  prosthetic limbs. Beyond all of this the Bay Area stop of the tour is a sort of coming home for the George Lucas pop culture creation that began in the tech epicenter that is the Bay Area and is now on exhibit the Tech Museum that bills itself as "the spirit of Silicon Valley."

This week on the Museum's website Scott Hamman of The Tech Museum of Innovation said that the exhibition hall had been strictly off-limits to all but that when he finally got to view it his mind was blown away and totally he awestruck. "My nine-year-old self, enamored of the gadgets, robots, and spaceships, came right out. The first thing I saw in the exhibition was the working model of Luke’s X-wing fighter, the one used in filming many of the special effects shots," he wrote. "My jaw dropped, and it dropped even further when I saw the model of the Millennium Falcon. It is huge, and I’m told it weighs close to a ton on its base. It was an amazing experience seeing the other models as well, but nothing compared to what I saw when I turned the first corner: Darth Vader. Or rather, the original Darth Vader costume. The actor who wore the costume, David Prowse, was a tall man, but still, it appeared larger than life. It is also, like everything else on display, extraordinarily well preserved." That description gives you an idea of what to expect from the vast 10,000 square foot exhibit that features models, props, and costumes from all the six films.

Opening today October 19th 2013 and running through February 23rd, 2014 the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination is at the Tech Museum of Innovation located at 201 South Market St, San Jose. Tickets are priced at $9 to $27 but some of the interactive items like rides will cost you more. Based on how the tickets have sold at other stops across the country it is advised to buy your tickets in advance, ASAP, since this is sure hit. More info via phone and online: And in the meantime stock up on the myriad of Star Wars related items (DVDs, CDs, etc) from Amoeba. Below is a video about the unique Tech Museum itself and what it has to offer.


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