New 12" Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 10/9 - Dj Spider, Theo Parrish, Mix Mup and more!

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Dj Spider, Marshallito - Deadly Structures

Dj Spider, Marshallito

Deadly Structures EP 12"

Trilogy Tapes

Chilly new techno and house forms from the NYC duo. The record begins and ends with slower synth experiments, with warehouse tracks inhabiting the middle. Opener C17H21NO2 is a heady warm-up, with a crawling melodic progression disintegrating into delayed ephemera. C17H21NO4 is absurdly funky for a minimal techno bomb. The track uses adroit drum programming, a drunken synth progression and expert deployment of vocal samples to achieve liftoff. Recommended.

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Theo Parrish - Overyohead

Theo Parrish

Overyohead 12"

Sound Signature

Reissue of the amazing 1999 12". The title track achieves an often imitated, rarely replicated level of spiritual deepness. Two simple progressions eventually intersect like ships in dark water. Raw drums and deep background vocal samples. Unstudied brilliance from the master.  

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Mix Mup - After the Job


Mix Mup

After the Job 12"

Hinge Finger

Varied release from the Liepzig producer/Kassem Mosse collaborator. Opener After the Job keeps it nice and rough, an odd amalgam of plunging sub-bass, plinking synths and junkshop percussion. Copa Jams is more refined but retains the shattered drums and vocal cut-ups. Gorgeous ambient closer Bungalow will appeal to fans of Oneohtrix Point Never.

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Baba Stiltz - Our Girls

Baba Stiltz

Our Girls 12"

Studio Barnhus

Andd, squelchy jam presented at three different speeds by the madmen at Studio Barnhus. Baba Stiltz is a 20-year old former ballet dancer from Stockholm, and the featured track is built around an addictive, morphing synth loop. Weird and addictive.

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Spirit of the Black 808 - Guerilla Shit


Spirit of the Black 808

Guerilla Shit 12"


Raw, experimental Chicago house tracks. The classic Roland drum machines are in effect but on King Kong the arrangement is more Jamal Moss than Mr. Fingers. Closer, 4DABROTHAZTHATAINTTHERE, is the record's most traditional and best track. Moody pads brush up against an insistent stab and midwest via Dusseldorf percussion.

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Drum Communicate - The Fast LineDrum Communicate

The Fast Line EP 12"


In a week where every 12" seems to be a battered abstraction of dance forms, Drum Communicate holds it down with this traditionalist techno EP. The title track is a majestic 313-influenced ambient track. Tuner is a hypnotic, dub techno roller with a bright pad adding propulsion. Brendon Moeller turns in two remixes, one under his given name and one under the Echologist alias. As Echologist he adds a subtle acid line, under his own name he's all minimal rhythmic menace.

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Wanzer Svengalisghost Russian Torrents


Beau Wanzer, Svengalisghost

Untitled 12"

Russian Torrent Versions

An irreverence towards dance music's culture of piracy spawns this concept label, which has quietly issued three 12-inches emblazoned with USSR imagery. And the music? All of the artists are from LIES inner circle, but go harder than usual for these versions. Chicago synth wizard Beau Wanzer turns in two cuts of bracing machinefunk, while Svengalisghost leans on apocryphal post-punk and industrial influences for these hard-edged vocal cuts. Buy vinyl.

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BOSTON BUN: Flasher EP 12" 
DEADBEAT: The Infinity Dubs Vol. 3 12" 
LAKE PEOPLE: Step Over, Trace Into Pt. 2 12" 
HANS BOUFFMYHRE: Catapult 12" 
BLENDE: Rikki 12" 
VOORN, JORIS: Ringo 12" 
DEEPA & BIRI: Emotions, Visions, Changes 12" 
HOULE & CLICK BOX, MARC: Razzamatazz 12" 
DE LA CALLE, EDUARDO: Words of Forgiveness for Gray Car Girl 12" 
DUNDOV, PETAR: Sailing Off the Grid 4LP+CD 
VA: Various 2x12" 
MIDNIGHT MAGIC: Midnight Creepers LP 
MOULAY, JAMAL: Radio Telepathy EP 12" 
AGER, DAREN: Summer in Detroit/Halcyon Days 12" 
Marcos Cabral/EP 12"   
Buzz Compass/ROLLING STONES 1-SIDED 12"     
Him Self Her/GONE TOO LONG 12"                  
Luc Marianni/LE VOL D'ICARE REMIX 12"          
Pipes/CROOKED LOVE 12"  
Marcus Intalex/GRIPPED & QWER KEY 12"       
Glenn Underground/CLASSIQUES VOL. 2 12"        
Randomer/BRING & CURTAINS 12"               
Paul Woolford/UNTITLED 12"              
Sean Sanders/NERVOUS JOB EP 10"       
Mineo/TURN OUT THE LIGHTS 12"                
JUBEI/RIFIGE 11 12" METALP001S        
Monclova/# 1 12"             
Ejeca/TOGETHER 12"      
Dego/THE 2000BLACK FAMILY 12"      
Art Department/CRYSTALISED 12"        
Subb-An & Tuccillo/DAY MOTION 12"           
Nadia Ksaiba/VIRTUAL LOVER 12"           
Mind Vortex/GRAVITY 12"    
Sub Focus/TURN IT AROUND 12"          
Roska/SHOCKING EP 12"         
Out Of The Basement/TO RACK & RUIN 4 12"     
DJ Steaw/WEST SIDE EP 12"   
Xtrah/LOST TIME EP 12"                
Truth/CHICKS & DRUGS 12"      
Sylvia Striplin/YOU CAN'T TURN ME... 12"