New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 10/3 - ndf, Omar S, The Field, Terrence Parker and more!

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NDF - Since We Last Met


Since We Last Met 12"


NYC mainstay DFA makes an unexpected move towards Berlin's MNMLscene, emerging with a winner. ndf is the duo of Bruno Ponsato and Sergio Giorgini. For the title track, they start with a nostalgic synth vamp, moving to imbue the dreamy atmosphere with space and melancholy. This is accomplished through claps, "around the edges" snare, and a sleepy spoken/sung vocal predicting a future run-in with a former lover. Heavy remix, with Villalobos exposing kaleidoscopic threads in the already hypnotic original. He turns the original vocal into a chorus of detuned ghosts while pulling the beat apart.

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Omar S

Nelson County 12"


Detroit doesn't sleep, apparently. Omar S makes a speedy return to 12" mode after the awesome Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself LP. If you enjoy the non sequitur vocal samples scattered throughout Omar's catalog this is the one for you. Don't Let This Be Happening starts with one of these samples, but quickly jumps into lush synthesis. On the standout title track, the vocal samples start to make more sense. Like Altman, Omar S builds a sense of place with voices from the neighborhood. As those voices talk, the crack bassline and drums do the walking.

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Tshetsha Boys


Tshetsha Boys

Bafana Bafana 12"


Manic Soweto funk from Tshetsha Boys (previously heard stealing the show on the Shangaan Electro comp). On the title track, a maze of 180 bpm rhythms is tempered at by a placid chorus but eventually ramps things up with rhythmic shouting and a well-timed key change. The b-side adds carnival organ into the mix. Like juke/footwork, this is dance music for amazing dancers.

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Tin Man 

Underdog EP Pt. 2 12"


Johannes Auvinen keeps the quality high on his second release this month. Swarm utilizes an expansive, loping acid line not unlike those featured on Neo Neo Acid, eventually stripping the melody away to reveal a banging techno pulse. Hack's breakbeat techno influence takes the outré tendencies one further, introducing unruly digital noise in the break. 

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The Field - Cupid's Head


The Field

Cupid's Head CD

Cupid's Head LP


Alex Willner's fourth album is a wizened return to the sound which catapulted him to notoriety. Willner retains the sample trickery of Looping State of Mind, but abandons the band format. As stated, Black Sea is an update on From Here We Go Sublime's "Over the Ice". Approaching the unadulterated bliss of that track with hindsight's wisdom, Willner reins the trancelike chords in at the track's conclusion, leaving an dark bassline and female vocal sample hovering between fear and excitement. No no uses only lonely, effected footsteps as percussion, and the dirgelike track would fit well on the Tri Angle roster. Closer 20 Seconds of Affection would be the  envy among any number of modern drone merchants. As the album concludes, Willner introduces magisterial organ and then yanks everything but a wordless voice for a dramatic ending 

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Sven Weisemann - Inner MotionsSven Weisemann

Inner Motions CD


Sven returns with his second full-length effort, a varied work aiming for more adventurous dancefloors without alienating the dubbed-out home listener. The sequencing and Weisemann's clever vocal samples are crucial. Weisemann eases things in with Inner Motion - a largely ambient track which evokes the exquisite loneliness of Luomo's Vocalcity. Elsewhere, Weisemann turns in spacious dub tracks that will please fans of Deepchord. He ends on a balearic note - strings soar over bongos, shakers and sweet guitar.

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Terrence Parker - Why After All This

Terrence Parker

Why After All This 12"

JD Records

Big reissue from the masterful Detroit dj/producer. Two of these (updated) tracks emanate from the stone cold classic Tribute to Ken Collier 12". Your Love IS Detroit House. The best thing Disclosure has done for dance music is play it in their dj sets.

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VA - Moods and Grooves Classics v2Various Artists

Moods and Grooves Classics V2 12"

Moods and Grooves

Detroit mainstay Moods & Grooves continues to unearth catalog classics for modern audiences. G. Flame and Mr. G's Pulsez is subtractive sample house of the highest order. A half bar loop is filtered for late night tension. Demarkus Lewis  is next with two deep house gems. Needless works an addictive bassline/piano progression adding classic DX7 sax and vibes. Perfect!

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New this week

COSMIN TRG: New Structures for Loving EP 12" 
VA: Air Texture Volume III 2CD
JOY ORBISON: The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow EP 12" 
SNUFF CREW: Work It Out 12" 
BEANFIELD: Compost Black Label 104 12" 
FAINT WILD LIGHT: Faint Wild Light LP 
NOCOW: Solus LP 
PARKER, TERRENCE: Why After All This 12" 
COMA: In Technicolor Remixe 12"
DJ NORI: We Don't Know EP 12"
TRUTH: Chicks & Drugs/Empire 12" 
WAYFARER: Reflections/Live from the Future 12" 
VA: The Palace EP 12
Paul SG/LAST CEREMONY (BIG BUD RMX) 12"          
Audio/BAG OF BONES EP D12"             
Various/CLAREMONT 56 ORIGINALS 5LP             
Various/CROW CASTLE CUTS REMIXED #1 12"       
Kez YM/LATE NIGHT BLUE SOUND EP 12"             
Green Velvet/BIGGER THAN PRINCE 12"       
Claude Vonstroke/URBAN ANIMAL 3LP      
Boca 45/WE'RE RIGHT HERE 7"                    
Maceo Plex & Maars/GOING BACK 12"             
Drum Communicate/THE FAST LINE EP 12"         
Giorgio Luceri/PROPHETIC VIBES EP 12"         
Sean Dixon/WAREHOUSE EP 12"                  
Funky Fat/JEALOUSY 12"          
Felix Dickinson/OUSANA 10"       
 Lil Mark/1994 12"          
Various/CHICAGO SERVICE DBL 12"     
Art of Tones/THE SAME THING EP 12"           
Mathematics Records/SLIPMAT (EACH)         
Frederick/EPISODE OF LOVE 12"               
Piezo/PTAY (KILLAWATT REMIX) 12"         
Mr. G/VFM EP 12"                              
Sinister Souls/EARTH PRIME 12"                   
FFF/BLOODCLAT MENTALITY 12"                   
Doctrine/THE HALL 12"              
Yooj & Steve Huerta/TAKE YOUR TIME 12"       
Flip Lavin & DJP/HEAR ME 12"               
 Prophets Of The South/EK MAAK JULLE 12"         
Mock & Toof/REMIXED VOL 2 (TIAGO) 12"            
Sinister Souls/BLACK BOOK 12"                 
Sam Russo/VANISHING TEST EP 12"   
Ryan Crosson/INTO LATER HABITATS 12"          
Dax J/LA HAINE 12"                            
Joel Alter/SWEATBOX 12'