New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 10/23 - Funkinven, Delroy Edwards, Lakker, James Ferraro and more!

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TCB - Monogamie



Monogamie 12"

Die Orakel

Odd, intriguing house forms from The Citizen's Band. The title track maintains an optimistic nu disco meets afrobeat pulse, but the highlights here are the original and MM/KM (Mix Mup and Kassem Mosse) take on Unchained. The original track uses only sharp modular arpeggiation for percussion but manages to be funky as hell, integrating a soaring horn motif and wordless vocal samples. KM/MM bring their trademark low-slung percussion and wooziness. Recommended.

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Delroy Edwards & Funkineven


Delroy Edwards x Funkineven

X & XX 12"


Heat from the unholy LDN/LA alliance of rising producers Funkineven and Delroy Edwards. The functionally titled tracks are rough dj tools with manic percussion. There is always talk of perfect tracks with just a few elements, but there are exactly two on this record - bassline and percussion. That percussion just happens to be some of the most unique you'll hear this year, all distant cannon snare, steamvent ambience and skittershot breaks.

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Boogie Nite - Make Me Hot Glenn Underground Rahaan

Boogie Nite

Make Me Hot (Glenn Underground and Rahaan Mixes) 12"

Glenview Records

A gathering of Chicago's finest lay down some sublime versions. Glenn Underground has an ethereal, cosmic take on the Boogie Nite track. Rising producer/dj Rahaan comes with a stunning version built on a stepping disco bassline and descending Rhodes. The track expands to include guitar, string synth and various breakdowns underlining Rahaan's preternatural understanding of space.

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Cosmic Machine

Various Artists

Cosmic Machine: A Voyage Through French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (1970-1980) LP

Because Music

Essential comp of cosmic French music. The collection features the most zonked output of household names like Serge Gainsbourg and Jean Michelle Jarre alongside cult curios like Space's Magic Fly and other delights heretofore reserved for avid diggers. Droid's Shanti Dance Part 1 builds from an accomplished Rhodes progression to an insane string synth solo. Frederic Mercier's Triumph looses none of its majesty despite having been used as sample fodder by Jay-Z. Stick around for the campy balearica that is DVWB's Aqua.

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Lakker - Untitled 12"


Untitled 12"

Stroboscopic Artefacts

Cool, uncompromising techno on Lucy's Stroboscopic Artefacts label. Leading track Harbour makes ingenious use of decayed foghorns to service a banging, ominous beat. On the closer, Valentina Lane , a catchy synth melody is propelled onwards by creaking percussion.

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Rene Hell - Vanilla Call OptionRene Hell

Vanilla Call Option LP


LA-based chess and pick-up basketball obsessive Jeff Witscher burrows deep into his own world on Vanilla Call Option. In this landscape, there is no melody or traditional rhythm, only infinite machine texture and a natural knack for musique concrete. The record is both confined and expansive, traversing fidelities and moods. On Var_Len a female voice is cut-up and assailed by serrated noise. Merci Cheri cooks up a ghostly chorale of atonal strings. The high frequency wheeze of Buf.Catch shows no regard for the casual listener. It's all alien and engrossing.

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James Ferraro - NYC, Hell 300 am


James Ferraro

NYC, Hell 3:00 AM CD

Hippos in Tanks

The inscrutable James Ferraro returns with one of the strangest of his 70+ releases to date, a Britten meets rnb pastiche dedicated to the underbelly of America's toughest city. It's uneasy listening. On Fake Pain, he deploys a male diva sample as a drum and bass producer would, but throws things off with his own autotuned improvisations. Stuck 1, 2 and 3 are interludes presenting the city as quicksand. Cheekbones focuses on unhealthy young love while Nushawn is inspired by the grimmest of half-remembered news stories. In Ferraro's NYC, somber figures amble under an elevated train platform in a stasis of permanent midnight.

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New this week:

ANSTAM: Gita/Stinky Wig 12"
DUSKY: Careless EP 12" 
VA: Cosmic Machine: A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (1970-1980)
YAMASHITA, YAKUYA: Daybreak (Mirko Loko Remixes) 12"
BEISSPONY: Brush Your Teeth LP+CD 
AJU, DAVE: Maybeso 12"
MCKAY, HARVEY: Cinnamon Kiss 12" 
WOLFF & MAARTEN MITTENDORFF, JASPER: The Transmission Express 12" OH91: Stealth 12" 
VA: 100DSR/VAR2 12"
G.E.S. & JAN JELINEK: Temple 12" 
VA: Heidi Presents Jackathon Jams feat. Waifs & Strays vs. Lukas & DJ Sneak 12" 
GRAEF, MAX: Broken Keyboard EP 12" 
R-A-G: Vacuum 12" 
WBEEZA: Perfect High/I Like It 12" 
AMANTA FOX & SNUFFO: Klaus You 12" 
MTD: Random Thoughts EP 12" 
CLANCY: What You Do EP 12" 
CAVAAN: Signs EP 12" 
Baby Ford/TIN OF WORMS 12"   
Frederic Robinson/MIXED SIGNALS LP     
Various/CLAREMONT 56 ORIGINALS 5LP          
Various/DARK ACID #3 12"               
Various/ZERO POINT ONE 12"           
 Benoit & Sergio/ADJUSTMENTS 12"             
Ali Love/ANOTHER 12"                 
Benoit & Sergio/PRINCIPLES WHITE OUT 12"     
Need For Mirrors/SLING BLADE 12"         
George Fitzgerald/I CAN TELL 12"           
Musiccargo/HARMONIE LP              
Max Graef/BROKEN KEYBOARD EP 12"      
 A.M.C. & DBR UK/DUB KING 12"           
Kirk DeGiorgio & Ben Sims/STRIKE 12"         
SGN037  Fourward/BLACK TOOTH GRIN 12"   
Dungeon Meat-SE62/THE F*CK OFF TRACK 12"  
Frank B/CHAIN OF FOOLS 12"               
 Camo & Krooked/ZEITGEIST CD        
Dustin/15 FLOORS EP 12"                  
 Chroma/GRINDHOUSE 12"                  
Various/PROGRAMMED V2.0 D12"               
 Wilkinson/AFTERGLOW 12"                    
Sub Focus/TORUS SAMPLER EP D12"         
Andy Ash/IN LOVE 12"                
Klute/THE DRAFT D12"                  
Alias G/ATTENTION 12"               
Babylove & Van Dangos/LET IT COME LP