Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week End 09.20.13: 2 Chainz, LNMO, Big Sean, Arsenio Hall

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Amoeba Music Hollywood Top Five Week Ending 09: 20:13

1) Earl Sweatshirt Doris (Columbia)

2) LMNO After The Fact (Up-Above)

3) 2 Chainz B.O.A.T.S. II #METIME (Def Jam)

4) Jay-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail (Def Jam)

5) Kanye West Yeezus (Def Jam)

Included in the latest hip-hop top five chart from Amoeba Hollywood is 2 Chainz' B.O.A.T.S. II #METIME which is the winner of the "#1 Next Level Album Title (September, 2013 - Associated Amoeba Website Album Reviewers Association)." This latest  from 2 Chainz - the ever popular Atlanta-based rapper formerly known as Tity Boi is accurately described by this website as "super classy melancholy vibe which has 2 Chainz doing his pretty specific list-rapping (potentially equivalent to the one-liner stylings of someone like Steven Wright or Jack Handey?), which always manages to be both unbelievably laid back and unbelievably urgent." and is well worth picking up at each Amoeba store or online here (Note; free shipping in USA). Another recommended new entry on this latest Amoeba Hollywood hip-hop chart is local SoCal artist LMNO's brand new album After The Fact (Up-Above) that finds the Long Beach, CA artist in killer form with a rhyme flow that is smooth and engaging from the get go with the album's top notch production courtesy of Evidence who also graces the mic. Other collaborators among the album's well chosen guests include Rakaa, and MED. A must get for fans of that timeless 90's flavor hip-hop.

Speaking of the nineties with the return this month of The Arsenio Hall Show to TV it seems just like the old days of two decades ago when mainstream TV shows showed hardly any hip-hop with one of the very few exceptions being the syndicated late night variety/talk television program The Arsenio Hall Show that aired from 1989 to 1994. Hard to believe but back then Arsenio, whose name was regularly referenced in rap rhymes from that Golden Era in hip-hop, was the only place in the mainstream it seemed where hip-hop acts could stop by and chat and perform. Of course since it went off the air 19 years ago a lot has changed with hip-hop in the mainstream. For many years now seeing your favorite rapper on a network TV talk show is no longer a big deal - but back then, when Letterman or Good Morning America type TV shows had zero rap/hip-hop, it really was a big deal. Once upon a time the Arsenio Hall show  was a very major key source of hearing/seeing hip-hop music and an invaluable outlet for artists.

Of course the drought of hip-hop is long over: nowadays a simple Google search will bring you to a million destinations (video, audio, text) on your hip-hop subject - no matter how seemingly obscure. But that does not mean that The Arsenio Hall Show, that returned to syndication on September 9th, should be ignored. It should be celebrated. Among the guests of the past week on the recently relaunched Arsenio Hall Show were rapper Big Sean who stopped by to promote and celebrate the release of his new Universal distributed G.O.O.D. Music release Hall Of Fame - the album that was charting high at Amoeba in last week's hip-hop report. On the show, Big Sean performed “Fire” after an intro by Arsenio depicting how he went from obscurity to high visibility by persuading Kanye West to sign him to the label after spitting a few lyrics for him. After his performance, Sean gave another performance of his song “Beware,” which ended the show. You can find clips of those performances here. But below I have included a truly classic hip-hop moment from the Arsenio Show from 1992 when the show's musical guests were A Tribe Called Quest with the Leaders Of The New School performing "Scenario."


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