New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 9/4 - Bookworms, Moritz Von Oswald Trio, Population One and more!

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Bookworms - Japanese ZelkovaBookworms

Japanese Zelkova 12"


Bookworms, the nom the plume for New Yorker Nicholas Dawson, stormed into the national consciousness with his pizza-emblazoned white label, African Rhythms. The track's psychedelic, sample-driven shuffle, was one of the early tracks (along with Terekke's Damn and Legowelt's Sark Island Acid) the put L.I.E.S. on the map. A little over a year later, L.I.E.S. is 50 releases in, Dawson looks after the Confused House label/night and African Rhythms is a 70 dollar record. Most post-white label material has been work completed in concert with fellow cosmonaut Steve Summers, so new solo material is highly anticipated - Japanese Zelkova doesn't disappoint. This is moody, machine funk of the highest order. The title track has a drifting pad and a rhythmic element that sounds like an old Xerox machine. Malfunction is a slow, filtering arpeggio jam, finding several unlikely sweet spots and emphasizing the unpredictability of analog machinery. 

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Greg Beato

PMA 12"


LIES unleashes a mini-epic from the Miami producer. As demonstrated on his recently reissued Apron debut, Beato is admirably unconcerned with traditional dance structures. That said, the young talent works in pockets of seasick improvisation onto more gridlike patterns on PMA, making the diversions even stranger in context.  These tracks feel like a chaotic ride through the black of night punctuated by placid sunrise. The title track's distorted lurchto life eventually dissolves to contemplative string pads. Hawo is truck idling dub house, while Gimme a Light  takes an idiot savant synth lead into what sounds like a seriously lo-fi version of early Orb material .

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Moritz Von Oswald Trio - BlueMoritz Von Oswald Trio

Blue 12"

Honest Jon's

Austere new material from the esteemed group of musicians. Blue can slmost be seen as a callback to the best Rhythm & Sound material. The group plays with the assured minimalism befitting their years of exploratory jams. Blue demonstrates admirable restraint - the tracki consists of a dubby stab, heavy kick and an occasional arpeggio, The masterful dub rework is a prime example of MVO's preternatural understanding of space.

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Ksoul and Muteoscillator - Soul HellKsoul & Muteoscillator

Soul Hell 12"


Excellent psychedelic house tracks from the Italian duo. The title track has the live analog feel and 909 thump of Dekmantel labelmates Juju & Jordash, punctuated by a near perfect piano solo. Tip! Stinger retains the rhythmic roughness but aims for the dancefloor with a nimble, human bass line,hypnotic delayed snare and simple synth lead. Closer Detrance is the oddest track on the record, somewhere between Deepchord and the insular Detroit experimentation of Urban Tribe.

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Happa - Two and Two Make Five


Two and Two Make Five 12"

Boomkat Editions

Informative web outlet/store Boomkat's boutique 12" label gets into the industrial techno/experimental game in earnest with this uncompromising slab from Happa. The 15-year old (!) producer's 13.05.13 is the only nod to the club here, and would fit in well alongside Karenn, Blawan, Analogue Cops, etc. Stirring's stretched piano strings could be a missive from the US cassette underground, while Put Your Suitcase Down is centered on a beatless, foreboding melody. Admirably obtuse.

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Population One

Simpler Form 12"

Reduction Records

Terrence Dixon returns with his fourth release as Population One this year. A1 is alien minor-key synth arpeggiation over a mid-range kick. The five-minute track is a study on the hypnotic effects of simple, repetitive dance music. On B1, Dixon flip a soul sample like so many of his fellow Detroit producers, but the odd cut and high synth lead make for a totally unique trip. Likewise on B2. A hint of disco bass is buried in the background while a hermetic synth pattern runs on top. You can imagine Dixon tweaking a modular in cramped studio space while a party is going on next door.

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Gunnar Haslam - MimesiakGunnar Haslam

Mimesiak 2xLP


Cool new full-length from the mysterious NYC producer. Haslam's sound fits in with the more contemplative, dubby side of the L.I.E.S. (eg. Terekke, Marcos Cabral ), but his varied palatte also feels like a more wooly version of the Modern Love template. Haslam stretches out over the four sides; Gargano is a ghostly early night heater, placing a pitched down vocal over shuffling percussion and erratic electro bass. Culver Viaduct is an awesome 3/4 dub house jam with optimistic pads to close out the album.

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Jeroen Search - Figure SPC P

Jeroen Search

Figure SPC P 12"

Figure SPC

Heavy jacking techno from the Netherlands. Movement sounds like an eviscerated version of a certain Jeff Mills classic, while The Future is Ours works an alarmist synth lead to stunning effect. For the B, London techno stalwart Phase turns in for two reductive versions of the opening track.

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Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement

Water Rose Above the Head 12"

Bed of Nails

Dark, ambient techno from Domenic Fernrow (Prurient, Vatican Shadow). This is less martial than the latter project yet seems to dwell on similarly grim themes. A-side (wait for it...) These Spirits Are Thought To Live Far Out At Sea And Are Usually Malevolent runs on rattling lo-fi percussion, minimal synth, burbling water and a slo-mo police siren sample. The b-side also has a wordy title, but strips the kick drum, relying instead on a doleful jungle howl.

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