New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 9/25 - Jessy Lanza, Delroy Edwards, Boddika and more!

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Jessy Lanza - Pull My Hair Back


Jessy Lanza

Pull My Hair Back CD

Pull My Hair Back LP


Stately electropop from the Canadian chanteuse. Her running collaboration with Jeremy Greenspan seems to free the Junior Boys producer to explore odder aspects of his lush production. Against The Wall has  driving synth bass but buries the snare and drifts into ethereal synth wobble at points. Lanza shines. She typically chooses to provide hooky, ephemeral counterpart to the chilly base, yet when she flexes her soprano, as she does on the chorus of the album's title track, its apparent she would sit atop an alternate Top 40 for the lonely.

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Delroy Edwards - Untitled

Delroy Edwards

Untitled 12"

LA Club Resource

Delroy continues a meteoric 2013 by seizing the means of production for himself. No nonsense, no press, LA Club Resource presents a functional new sound from the Southland.  The first track, at 120 BPM, is slow compared to his recently preferred ghettohouse tempo, but introduces a fractured funk to the palatte. Two minimal synth lines, a simple double-snare hit and an unpredictable kick are all you need to move a floor. The B veers closer to the acid maze Funkineven travels. The vocal sample concluding the record is in-line with the cutty, street imagery associated with the label. Available in select few US brick and mortars. 

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Pev & Kowton - End Point


Pev & Kowton

End Point/Vapours 12"

Livity Sound

Bristolians Peverelist and Joe Cowton continue their unique perversion of UK bass. Minimal, hardware based techno explorations are imbued with Skull Disco rattle and Kuedo's futurism. A collective to watch as the producers who defined the dubstep sound move forward.

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Pinkcourtesyphone - Foley Folly  Folio
Foley Folly Folio LP
Boomkat Editions
Disorienting, enveloping work from sound artist Richard Chartier. The influence of Leyland Kirby's Caretaker project is felt, yet there is also an acute awareness of the Blackest Ever Black aesthetic. The evocative titles suggest a rotting American Dream, a music for abandoned airports. High minded references aside, this is amazing full-spectrum ambient drone. Eveningtheme's plaintive chords may be an homage to Eno.
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HNNY - Mys Kela
Mys/Kela 12"
Let's Play House
HNNY returns with a joyful noise. Mys takes an angelic soul vocal and builds a stepping house track around it. The overall feeling is similar to The Avalanches' excellent Since I Left YouYoung Marco takes remix duties, holding off on the vocal sample to ply his signature krauthouse; his remix is on the level of his excellent efforts for ESP Institute. B-side Kela is modern deep house by numbers, but Shakarchi & Straneus stretch it out and swing it to pleasing effect.
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Alex from Tokyo - Originals Vol. 10Alex From Tokyo
Originals Vol. 10 CD
Claremont 56
The 10th and final installment (before a wallet-damaging limited vinyl box) of the cult series goes to capable musical journeyman Alex from Tokyo. What makes this series so fun is that it enables the selectors to jump from style to style without worrying about mixing. The comps, therefore, are a true demonstration of taste. Alex gravitates towards cascading Rhodes, wheezing analog synths and the diva vocal. Highlights include Tia Monae's psych-boogie masterpiece Don't Keep Me Waiting, dollar bin killer Don't Stop (Ish) and the amazing Guy Cuevas Ebony Game. Originals, you'll be missed.
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Moin - EP
EP 12"
Blackest Ever Black
With much of the new crop of US producers entering electronic music from punk/HC backgrounds, it was only a matter of time before someone took the reverse course. Enter the dark duo Raime, who've taken a break from their Pink Industry  records to pursue bleakness of a different variety. Rapeman, Big Black and even the Jesus Lizard are prime influences for Moin. The duo used sequencers and aftereffects when editing the tracks, and approach this new aesthetic with admirable minimalism.
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Boddika - Steam
Steam 2x12"
Swamp 81
Hollowed-out electro/techno from the UK producer. The first 12 is precise, bass-driven club gear. On Black, he presents an anemic rave siren, pitched cowbell and corrodes the edges to make a paranoid anthem. Crack uses a house rhythm and focuses on an addictive, out-of-step bassline. 
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