New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 9/18 - Shed, Lawrence, Tiedye, Leisure Connection and more!

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Gersteffalen - Old Villagers



The Old Villagers 12"


Excellent outre acid from Aroy Dee's MOS_DEEP imprint. These tracks strike a delicate balance between gritty acid lines and more contemplative pads. The instrumental  break in Game On Major feels like the chilled-out section of some lost Hacienda classic.

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Shed - Dirt/Fluid


Dirt/Fluid 12"

50 Weapons

Shed comes correct with his third release on Modeselektor's 50 Weapons. Amazing, retro-tinged tracks with echoes of both the producer's Wax and Head High project. Both Dirt and Fluid trade in earworm synth themes comprised of two or three chords. Dirt's 909 kick and analog wind make for a track equally suited for djs and home listening. Fluid pairs a nostalgic organ riff with a massive breakbeat.

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Black Sites - Prototype


Black Sites

Prototype 12"


Hamburg upstart Helena Hauff follows her Werkdiscs debut with this collaboration with F#X. Predictably uncompromising, but less obtuse than her solo material to date, the title track works a lo-fi electro pulse before coaxing an unlikely melody out of a synth that resembles nothing so much as a squeaky gate. If B-side N313P is a Detroit homage, it veers closest to Mike Banks' work as The Martian or a threadbare Dopplereffekt.

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Leisure Connection

Jungle Dancing 12"

No label (Rush Hour)

Unassuming 13-minute epics from the duo of Aaron Coyes (Peaking Lights) and Nate Archer, both of whom played in Rahdunes . The A, Jungle Dancing, starts with a cheerful synth arpeggio before disintegrating into hypnotic bass and tape-delayed Rhodes. B-side Wave Riding mixes Wally Badarou's island mysticism with Arthur Russell's scrappy disco.

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T.R.A.S.E. - Electronic Rock


Electronic Rock CD

B-Music (Finders Keepers)

Improbable find from the B-Music crew. These early 80s recordings by then 16-year old Andy Popplewell are an argument for naive ingenuity over professionalism and studio-quality gear. These recordings emanate from the satellite heart of Numan's Brittania, completed as an extension of Popplewell's work for shop class and a/v duties for school plays. No mere curiosity, Electronic Rock sounds assured. The tracks owe much to Moroder, and possess a similar widescreen vision.

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Tiedye - Road Less Travelled


Road Less Travelled 12"


Tiedye, the somewhat messy anomaly from the sleek Italians Do It Better catalog, returns on Gomma. The title track is a piano vocal house track that unabashedly reaches for the stars. The vocals are somewhat reminiscent of early !!! material -  as the refrain gains intensity a manic piano solo follows suit. The record contains solid remixes from Still Going and DJ Kaos & Sonns, but the highlight may be the King of Kong remix. The edit is closest in spirit to the original, but supplants early Chicago rave-ups for hippie dance.

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Lawrence - Films and Windows



Films and Windows CD


Excellent full-length from the remarkably consistent Dial producer. Lawrence's trademark sound mixes Detroit influenced rhythms with crystalline melody and extreme attention to production detail. The combination feels somewhat anachronistic with the modern horde of lo-fi barbarians at the gate. Still, it works as well as it always has. The title track floats detuned synth over a sturdy rhythm before introducing a dueling set of synth/string chords. Similarly, Etoile Du Midi begins with a techno-influenced bassline and then uses an angelic combination of flute/harpsichord to move from body to mind music.

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Auntie Flo - Highlife Edits

Auntie Flo

Highlife Edits 12"


Killer afrobeat edits from Auntie Flo on the new imprint named after a London club night of the same name. As opposed to the similar series of transformative Daphni edits, the crazy rhythms of the originals are simply buttressed for modern sound systems. The hands-off approach is clever and appreciated. B-side Lumbalu is a rework of the Calixto Ochoa y Los Papaupas track of the same name.

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Dj Stringray - Weaponized


Dj Stringray

Weaponized 12"


Heavy Detroit Techno from Drexciyan Dj Stringray. Weaponized comes in at a banging 145 bpm tempo and has a slight electro feel. Dystopic is more contemplative, with delayed pads balancing out tough and nuanced percussion. Bot is Stringray going hard once again, adapting the sci-fi myth to encompass mindless, data gathering internet beings. 

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New/restocked this week:

MIDLAND: Trace EP 12" (AUS 1344EP).

COSMIC MACHINE: Spirit/Motel Show 12" 
DRUMCELL: Sleep Complex 3LP 
VA: Cocoon 100 2CD 
CRAY76: Call My Name/The Holy Ghost 12" 
WOOD, TALBOT: Dream Sequence 12" 
NYGARD, TARJEI: Hardkokt 12" 
ORION: Odyssee 12" 
PROPER, SAN: Properepublica 12" 
ETCH: Old School Methods EP 12" 
P.GOD: Ecliptic Plane EP 12" 
L/F/D/M: Purple Maps 12" 
HELM: Silencer 12" 
BLEAK: Open Space EP 12" 
DOZZY, DONATO: Plays Bee Mask CD 
FIELDS, JORDAN: Among the Kloudz/Keepin' It Together 12" 
OZKA: Tiny Pleasures Part II 12" 
Alex From Tokyo/ORIGINALS VOL. 10 CD         
Ed:It/IDEOLOGY 12"            
Francesca Lombardo/WHAT TO DO 12"          
Nile Delta/AZTEC 12"          
Kauf/AS MUCH AGAIN 12"            
Marcus Marr/THE MUSIC-PLEASURE MOON 12"        
Yello/BOSTICH (MB EDITS) 12"          
Heavy Disco/SUPERJOCK & PING PONG 12"           
Detroit Swindle/BREAK UP TO MAKE UP 12"    
Hot Natured/DIFF SIDES OF THE SUN 3LP          
Optiv & Cza/VITAL SIGNS 12"            
Maya Jane Coles/EVERYTHING 12"            
Ghosts On Tape/NO GUESTLIST 12"      
Urulu/LEFT COAST 12"             
Nu:Logic/EVERLASTING DAYS 12"         
Om Unit/SLEEPWALKERS 12"              
Karizma/WALL OF SOUND DLP     
Glenn Underground/SERVICE REMIXES 12"       
Black Rox/BLACK ROX 2 12"                   
Need For Mirrors/VOLTAIRE 12"                    
Bicep/EP 2 12"             
Daniel Avery/MOVEMENT EP 12"           
Chloe/SMASH 12"        
Various/TONIC EDITS VOLUME 1 12"         
 DJ Wild/FEEL ME 12"     
Claude Vonstroke/DOOD 12" 
Paul Raffaele/ROSE REMIXES 12"         
Daniel Avery/AIRSTRIKE EP 12"        
Unknown/LOVE WILL TEAR US APART 12"      
Simple Symmetry/IN KHAZAR KHAGANATE 12"         
HNQO/POINT OF VIEW 12"                        
Patrick Topping/ANY AMOUNTS 12"             
Coyote/GLIDE TIME (180 GRAM) LP        
Jose Manuel/SAMSARA 12"             
Annie/THE A & R EP (PIC DISC) 12"       
M+M/M+M THEME & UNTITLED (YELLOW) 12"          
J Stingray/WEAPONIZED EP 12"