Brooklyn Rapper Neno Best's Transparent Lyrics Lead To New York City's Largest Illegal Gun Bust

Posted by Billyjam, August 20, 2013 09:30am | Post a Comment

New York CitySome may say that kudos are in order for New York rapper Neno Best (above) for "keeping it real"  but it was the Brooklyn hip-hop artist's lyrical honesty and transparency that led to his arrest and the downfall of the interstate gun smuggling operation he was involved in - that was announced here yesterday by the NYPD. His lyrics, as heard by investigators in a YouTube clip, came under close scrutiny as part of their year long investigation into an illegal interstate gun trafficking ring. Those lyrics, which included the braggadocios line ‘packing more guns than the Air Force,’ are what led to his arrest and that of another 18 suspects plus the downfall of their south-to-north illegal gun trafficking operation. The cops seized over two hundred and fifty firearms that had been bought in North and South Carolina and other states with looser gun regulations that were then shipped  north to New York City which has some of the strictest laws in the country and hence can make a hefty profit on the street.

NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, an advocate of strict no-gun laws and stop-and-frisk practices to stamp out illegal guns, was quite happy with yesterday's big bust calling the booty of 254 firearms "a lot of firepower” as he surveyed what was the largest gun seizure in New York City history. Much of the undercover year long investigation by NYPD took place at the 26 year old Neno Best's (born Matthew Best) rap/hip-hop music studio in Ocean Hill, Brooklyn where allegedly many of the illicit deals, which included large-caliber pistols and military-grade weapons that were sold for an average price of $750, took place. According to police the lyrics of Neno Best, who was charged with conspiracy, were what helped fuel their investigation - the ones where he rapped about ‘packing more guns than the Air Force.' Note that this Amoeblogger did a lengthy search of YouTube involving the artist could not locate said video that, am assuming, must have been taken down. What I did find were a deluge of disparaging YouTube comments, posted since news of the bust emerged, on the relatively unknown rapper's skills (or lack thereof) and unsavory speculation as to what lies ahead for him in prison life. 

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