New 12"//LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 8/28 - Sandwell District, Four Tet, Greg Beato, Moonraker and more!

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Moonraker - Lowjit Bandits


Lowjit Vagrants 12"

Trilogy Tapes

Substantial 30-minute ep from the Philly crew, presented as shadowy associates of MetaspliceMoonraker proves just as willing to take it out as their associates. Oronimbus begins with scratchy Drexiciyan synths and ends with new age influenced tones which wander like comets. Cyan Lean's implied reference to Houston hip-hop is not for naught, the slowed down track  is reminiscent of Actress' creeping remix of Legowelt's  Elementz of Houz Music.

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Greg Beato - ApronGreg Beato

Apron EP 12"


Stunning warning shots from the teenage Miami producer. Beato throws the rule book out the window. Instead of the typical 16-bar intro/bass line/pad structure, Beato flips the script on opener Respect the 78. The track begins with a nasty, ping-pong arpeggio but is eventually reduced to just the beat and lo-fi ,hooverish bass. Let Em Know  is ominous, sun warped house. bears the record's prettiest moment - a distant theme park piano over heavy lo-fi drums. Small repress on Funkineven's Apron records - sure to disappear soon.

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Kingdom - Vertical XL


Vertical XL CD

Fade to Mind

Masterful new EP from LA's Kingdom, now on CD. Opener Bank Head features a show-stopping vocal from Kelela, and would be a radio killer if Kingdom didn't keep the listener waiting for a drop that is subtle by design. It's the kind of track that sucks the air out of the room when played. Zipline is a remix with futuristic synth suggestive of a dream meeting between Cassy and Yellow Magic Orchestra

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Robert Hood - Hoodmusic 3

Robert Hood

Hoodmusic 3 12"

Music Man

Detroit legend Robert Hood has had a prolific 12 months. Late last year he released the epic Motor: Nighttime World 3. Hood returned this year with another excellent full-length under his Floorplan alias. This ep succeeds in reconciling the pioneering minimal techno Hood's built his name upon with the more melodic (yet equally hypnotic) instincts of the Floorplan project. Opener And Then We Planned Our Escape, relies mostly on driving a kickdrum for percussion. A panning, filtered synth swirls around a three beat piano loop proving once again that less is more. Strobe Light and Side Effect  are classic Robert Hood - amped up, minimal Detroit techno.

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Fabric 70 - Apollonia


Fabric 70: Apollonia CD


Banging new house mix from the trio of Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundroom and Shonky. Apollonia doesn't waste any time, starting it out with the swinging percussion and acerbic narrative of El Prevost's Allez Aly. The group's own Trinidad is an appropriate calling card, working a relentless 3-note bass line, pads, spoken word  subtle tom work. The sound is like a deeper, more underground take on that proffered by the globetrotting Crosstown Rebels crew. Mood II Swing's Ohh is a gorgeous organ-driven climax to the mix - the subterranean classic comes a little over halfway through and there's no looking back.  

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Sandwell District - Fabric 69

Sandwell District

Fabric 69: Sandwell District CD


Regis and Function team up to represent the influential and sadly defunct collective. Despite their martial techno, post-punk and industrial pedigree, the duo doesn't go for the jugular here - this thing BREATHES. Rrose's Wedge is a heavy early highlight, followed by Function' Modifier and the stately strings of rose Carl Craig's Darkness. Later, Untold's massive Motion to Dance features, and modern material by Factory Floor and Trevino rubs up against tracks by Plastikman and Laurent Gernier. The ornate synth pattern and wordless vocal of fcloserVoiceprint (Reprise) (off Function's excellent recent full-length) feels appropriately final, a fitting eulogy for the group of dark passengers.

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Seefeel - QuiqueSeefeel

Quique LP

Modern Classics

Faithful Light in the Attic reissue of the electronic shoegaze/post-rock masterpiece. Dub, cosmic dance music and minimal composition are all thrown into the seamless mix here, as seen in the ecstatic repetition of Climatic Phase No.3 and the loping Polyfusion. Plainsong could be Stereolab through pedalboard gauze, Sarah Peacock's ethereal alto also acts as an inviting carrier for the group's more outre moments. 


Four Tet - Kool FM

Four Tet

Kool FM 12"


Big one from Kieran Hebden. Four Tet lulls the listener into comfort with a hypnotic synth and two note bassline and then introduces a dutty, guttaral vocal sample along with clattering, eroded percussion. A pitched clave melody and even an amen break eventually color the minimal track. Unclassifiable and amazing! For the bliss mix Hebden drops the drums all together and turns Kool FM into an ambient kosmische jam.


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