New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 8/14 - Funkinevil, Vakula, Donato Dozzy, Osborn and more!

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Kyle Hall - Ignorant Funkinevil

Ignorant/In the Grid 12"

Wild Oats

An aggressive and chilled side from the formidable combination of Kyle Hall and FukinevenIntro is little more than a tweaked arpeggio with some vocoder boasts on top. Ignorant follows, a skeletal, nimble bass track. In the Grid is a deep, inward-looking house jam, the ride home to Ignorant's dark club. To extend that metaphor, Outro's beatless drones could accompany a cloudy drift to sleep.

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Vakula - You've Never Been to Konotop


You've Never Been To Konotop (Selected Works 2009-2012) (LP) 


A massive set from the Ukranian purveyor of all things deep. As with most Vakula releases, the producer's adroit musicianship sits alongside an preternatural understanding of atmosphere. Jazz Mutants works a fusion bassline and comes off sounding like one of the instrumental asides from Eno's  Another Green World. The producer's piano chops are on full display on New Romantic, flexing neoclassical over a loping 303. In My Head sounds like early Theo Parrish and disintegrates into upward modular experiments. The impact of Amsterdam improv journeyman Juju and Jordash is felt, not least on which on the track dedicated to the duo. For Juju and Jordash reimagines the duo's  synth based psychedelia as a primetime detective show intro. A remarkably cohesive release in light of  the considerable time period covered.

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Donato Dozzy - Plays Bee MaskDonato Dozzy  

Plays Bee Mask LP

Spectrum Spools

On first impression, Italian deep techno master Donato Dozzy covering Philly neo-komische upstart Bee Mask doesn't make much sense. The pairing is more obvious when Dozzy's reverent Komische mix for mnml ssgs is taken into consideration. No kick drums, all synths set for transcendence. That said, this is no formless drone record. Vaporware 7 possesses an arpeggiated melodic theme reminiscent of Jurgen Muller's Science of the Sea, while also possessing the universally lauded depth of Dozzy and Neel's Voices from the Lake project.

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Osborn - Back 2 Here


Back 2 Here 12"

Acoustic Division

Four varied tracks from Detroit vet Todd Osborn. Mostly minimal tracks showcasing Todd's homemade synth mastery. The closer Solis is built on moody Rhodes work closer to his still excellent Osborne LP on Ghostly.

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Dawn of Midi - Dysnomia


Dawn of Midi

Dysnomia CD

Thirsty Ear

A group of young musicians masquerading as a jazz trio, and instead plying sounds inspired by the subtle tension of minimal techno, post rock and mid-90s Chicago math rock, all from a tarditional piano, drums and double bass setup. What's startling about this record is how little is played - nary a melodic flourish exists on this full-length. Instead, the instruments seem bent on imitating the scattershot percussion of modern urban life. An accomplishment in patient, tense musicianship.

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Floatin Points - Wire

Floating Points

Wires 12"  


Single-sided issue of the ornate cut off of Eglo Vol. 1. Shephard made full use of Eglo studios for this one, enlisting full string and brass ensembles for the 11-minute epic. Drawing equally from spiritual jazz and stuttering, Dilla-esque hip-hop production, Shephard expertly helms the Hammond organ and an arsenal of vintage synths. The scope and ambition on display is massive, even intimidating at points, yet the downtempo track is built for repeat, deep listening, the opposite of club fodder.

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NY's Finest - Do You Feel Me (Gerd's No Kicks)


NY's Finest  

Do You Feel Me (Gerd's No-Kicks-Re-Interpretation) 12"

4 Lux

Gerd gives the 1993 garage-stomper a loving rework on its 20th anniversary. Gerd takes a different tack with the Simonelli classic, focusing on ecstatic melody rather than the original's rolling rhythm. Gerd does what he says he will, teasing a kick but dropping to only a massive bassline and  longing, diva vocals.

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Sabre - Bali Ging



Bali/Ging 12"

Tasteful Nudes

Big tracks from the Portugese act. Opener Bali starts with gamelan percussion before introducing a huge, sustained bassline. Huge pads and a wobbly lead complete the package. B-side Ging follows a more traditional template, beginning with psychedelic, dueling arpeggios and adding momentum with a busy acid line.

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Black Rain - Protoplasm

Black Rain

Protoplasm 12"

Blackest Ever Black

The first new material from Stuart Argabright's (Ike Yard, Death Comet Crew) Black Rain project since 1996. Black Rain hasn't lost a step, this material's dystopic beats and rainy memories of cyberpunk's past fit well among BEB's current bleak stable. Closer Protoplasm isn't far from Ike Yard's classic 1982 debut. 

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New arrivals

Johnny Hammond/LOS CONQUISTADORES 10"         

Midland,JD Twitch,Auntie Flo/AAV 2 12"          

Archie Pelago/BREEZY WHEY 12"        

Max Essa/WON TON SUNRISE CD                  

Jimmie Preacher Ellis/HAPPY TO BE 7"         

 Fall On Your Sword/FIRST TIME I SAW..12"      

Jose Manuel/LES REGRETS REMIXES 12"      

Fatima/CIRCLE  12"                       

Circle Traps/OBELISK 12"               

LTJ Bukem/BUKEM IN SESSION DCD             

Giovanni Damico/DARWIN'S THEORY (CV) 12"         


Hysterics/CLUB CONSTRUCTIONS VOL. 5 12"          

Tony Humphries & DJ Spen/QUANTIZE DCD           

Hamilton/THE WAY I FEEL 12"                    

Chase & Status/LOST & NOT FOUND 12"           

Chris Turner/FLYLOVE (WHITE VINYL) 10"          

 Lone/AIRGLOW FIRES 12"                        

Break/MUSIC IS BETTER 12"           

J:Kenzo/EYES WIDE OPEN (REMIXES) 12"            

Myron & E/EVERYDAY LOVE  7"                

Herb Geller/AN AMERICAN IN HAMBURG CD