New "What's In My Bag?" Episode & Charity Auction with Comedian Kurt Braunohler

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Who starts a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to tell a joke? The super hilarious Kurt Braunohler does! Braunohler asked fans and supporters to help him raise $4,000 so he could skywrite the sentence, "How do I land?" above Los Angeles.  What a genius way to have people be in on the joke! Not only did he rasie over 4k, but the video of the plane skywriting the message went viral. The real genius might be the fact that Braunohler's debut comedy album is titled, How Do I Land? and the cover is a photo of the skywriting joke. Who needs a publicity campaign with a stunt like that? Kudos to Kurt for finding a way to market an album while simultaneously having fans help him tell an awesome joke!

Join us at Amoeba Hollywood on Saturday, September 7th for our monthly charity auction hosted by Kurt Braunohler. This is one big special day! Not only will Kurt be hosting and celebrating his debut comedy album, but prcoeeds from the auction will benefit Free Arts For Abused Children - a volunteer organization that has brought arts programs to abused, neglected and homeless children for 30 years. But that's not all, to help commemorate what would have been singer/songwriter Elliott Smith's 44th birthday, Amoeba will be donating a portion of the proceeds from sales of any of Elliott Smith’s catalog (including digital) to Free Arts for Abused Children for the month of August. So, come out for a great cause, funny jokes and lots of good music!Elliot Smith benefit at Amoeba

Kurt Braunohler visited Amoeba Hollywood to take part in another awesome episode of What's In My Bag?. Kurt picks up some '90s favorites, including a record by post-hardcore band Unwound and math/post-hardcore group Rodan. He veers off the post-hardcore selections to grab a copy of Mutant Disco for his girlfriend who wanted a song by Christina, "a tranny in the '80s who did covers of other people's songs."

Kurt Braunohler - What's In My Bag?
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Here is a photo of Kurt Braunohler's joke!

Kurt Braunohler How Do I Land


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