"Restore The Fourth" Protests Planned For Today By Those Unhappy With Recently Revealed NSA Practices

Posted by Billyjam, July 4, 2013 08:00am | Post a Comment

Variable Unit "Under Surveillance (feat. Azeem and DJ Quest)"

Restore The Fourth is the very recently formed group, created to coincide with the significance (or irony) of today's US Independence Day holiday, who are vocally opposed to the unsettling revelations about the extent of the NSA's invasion of the average American's privacy. "A non-partisan, non-violent assembly of nationwide protests on July 4 demanding an end to the unconstitutional surveillance employed by the US government," is the mission statement and plan for Restore The Fourth who are planning a series of online protests strategically planned for 11am today the Fourth of July, aka Independence Day, when traditionally Americans celebrate their independence from things such as invasion of privacy.  The group, which is spearheaded by the Internet Defense Fund, was formed by members of several websites including Wordpress, Reddit, and Mozilla who were responsible for getting things moving first with the protest group plan after setting up the website

In addition to online protests there are also street rallies planned today for the same time (11am) in cities round the US including St. Louis and San Francisco where there will be a rally at the UN Plaza, Civic Center BART today. Overall today's July 4th 11am protests are intended to drive home the point that the NSA's spying programs violate US citizens' Fourth Amendment ("the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects.....") protection against unreasonable search and seizure and that they are unconstitutional and encourage all those unhappy Americans to join in this peaceful nationwide protest "to reclaim your rights" as their flyer states as well as, "A society without privacy is a society without real creativity, free expression, or intellectual pursuits. Get involved." To join the protest click here. And/or get more details on getting involved via Restore The Fourth's Facebook and Twitter accounts related to this new cause. And in the meantime check out the topical song/video above by San Francisco based group Variable Unit featuring the emcee Azeem and also DJ Quest.